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Ciudad de Matanzas

Vade Mecum of the City of Matanzas

This book - Matanzas, the Athens of Cuba- can be seen as a big album of Matanzas containing not only the best photos ever made of the city, but also a large number of maps, planes, engravings, oils, postcards, many of them had never been published before, which demonstrate a thesis, and as usual, plant new concerns.

Yornel Martinez, Duniesky Martin at the Visual Arts Development Center (CDAV)

The Visual Arts Development Center (CDAV is the Spanish acronym) announces the opening of two exhibition projects on Friday, March 21, at 5 p.m.


Luis Gaspar’s Vallados at the Madrid Ateneo

A concertina – a barbed wire fence – is the main figure on the nearly 100 pictures that make up Luis Gaspar’s Vallados exhibition, opened on March 20 at Madrid’s Ateneo. The works are a res

Third “Miradas de Mujeres” Festival Presented at ARCOmadrid

The director of Miradas de Mujeres Festival, Monica Alvarez Careaga; president of Mujeres en las Artes Visuales association (MAV), Marian Lopez Fernandez-Cao; and director of Miradas de Mujeres Fest

Having Created a Place Where Artists Have the Right to Make Mistakes: Stories of Fundació Joan Miró’s Espai 10, Espai 13

Fundació Joan Miró is set to open, on Thursday March 13 at 19.30 h, the exhibition entitled “Having created a place where artists have the right to make mistakes. Stories of Fundació Joan Miró’s

TJ in China Project Space: Tijuana’s New Cultural Project

Connecting different viewpoints on the world through art. That’s the proposal offered by artists Daniel Ruanova and Mely Barragán with the brand-new space TJ in China Project Space, nestled right in

ARCO Foundation Collection Returns to Madrid

CA2M Dos de Mayo Art Center in the community of Madrid, located in Mostoles, will be the venue of choice in 2015 of the ARCO Foundation Collection, according to a decision made by IFEMA Executive Co

“Sex in the City” Catalog Unveiled at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana

Come March 11 at 4:00pm, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana (Cuban Art Building) will be the venue of choice for the presentation of the “Sex in the City” catalog, an event held nearly a yea

Q & A with Carlos Cruz-Diez: “Art Can Be Anything That Mankind’s Intelligence and Sensitivity Might Turn into Art”

“Ed è subito sera”. “And suddenly, the night”. Darkness. Black. The verse written by Italian poet and Nobel-winner Salvatore Quasimodo appears like a lightning in the conversation with

Philip Topolovac, “ART FAIRS Award”

ArtFairs, as the company that organizes and promotes art fairs, such as JUSTMAD and MADRIDFOTO, pursues the goal of encouraging and fostering new artists. Its top peculiarity is no

Bolivian Artist Liliana Zapata Grabs the “JUSTMAG Premio Joven” Award

JUSTMAD 5 clings to its commitment to supporting these awards that recognize those who get things done the hard way: the youngest and emerging artists who, even in times of crises, can find

"The marvelous real" at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

The Marvelous Real, a group  exhibition featuring the works of 27 artists selected from the collection of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (MUSAC), was organized by this m

Cuban America: An Empire State of Mind

Cuban America: An Empire State of Mind includes over 35 contemporary artists of Cuban descent, who have been raised in the States or in Cuba. In this groundbreaking exhibition, a myriad of themes ar

Am Gallery at A?Cero during Art Week in Madrid

Am gallery exhibits German artist Anne Kampchulste’s pieces and Jacinto Moros’ sinuous wooden pieces at A?Cero In architecture showroom. The spaces run by architects Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamaz

Etudio Carlos Garaicoa opens: NUMBER, NAME, THINK (The Scientific Method)

Carlos Garaicoa Studio opens again around this time of the year with a group show. In this occasion the presented works deal with the relationship between art and mathematics, as well as the interes