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ZONAMACO FOTO and ZONAMACO SALÓN announce exhibitors
ZONAMACO, Latin America´s leading art fair, presents ZONAMACO SALÓN and ZONAMACO FOTO. Both fairs represent the largest meeting point for the most important international exhibitors of photography, antiques and popular art.

Gallery Weekend Mexico — Opening Edition

A whole weekend to visit the most important galleries of Mexico City and admire the newest art representations. During the last weekend of September (27 - 29), the galleries are goi

“Soundings: A contemporary Score” First MoMA’s Grand Exhibition on Sound Art

'Soundings: A contemporary score' is the first exhibition held by New York’s Museum of Modern Art on sound art and will be gathering artworks creat

Espacio Trapézio Kicks Gastronomic Expansion into Gear through Trinkhalle

The cultural space, perched on the second floor of Mercado de San Antón (Chueca, Madrid), shows its gastronomic alter ego, TRINKHALLE, an informal, amazing and insp

Madrid Becomes International Centerpiece of Contemporary Art with APERTURA 2013

On September 19 – 22, Madrid will once again become the international main stage of the contemporary arts. With APERTURA 2013, nearly fifty

Soledad Lorenzo’s Collection at Santander’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Santander’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAS) is showcasing the first exhibition dedicated to Soledad Lorenzo’s collection after the closure of her Madrid gallery in December.

“Escenas sobre fondo azul”, by Aurora Rumi at AM Gallery-Arte 21

August is always linked to the sea, the beach and the warmth of the sun. Am gallery-Arte 21, in Almeria, welcomes this month with its exhibition titled Escenas sobre fondo azul-Retrospectiva acu

Sorolla in U.S.A.

Mapfre Foundation’s Culture Institute has presented 'Sorolla y America' project Madrid, a great show that will kick off in December and is focused on the successful American adventure lived by the V

Mediterranea 16 extended until September 1st 2013

In order to strengthen the presence of contemporary art in the Marche Region territory and to create a link among Mediterranea 16 and the two Festivals which are going to animate the Mole Vanvitelli

Barcelona’s Museu d’Art Contemporani (MACBA), La Caixa Foundation Present ARTE, DOS PUNTOS

Since July 18, Barcelona’s Museu d’Art Contemporani (MACBA) and “la Caixa” Foundation have been showcasing, for the first time in the city, a story written with today’s art to question different epi

Artists for the 43rd (Inter) National Artists Workshop (SNA), Colombia, Chosen

The 43rd (Inter) National Artists Workshop [known – unknown], the most representative arts event in Colombia, was launched on Tuesday July 9 during a press conference held at Medellin.

Bruce Nauman, Art Make-up, 1967-1968

Contemporary Art, Social Images of the Body

The Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art (CAAC), based in the Monastery of San Maria de las Cuevas, has been exhibiting (May 17 – December 1) Arte de comportamiento e imagenes sociales del cuer

Estampa de Nuestro Tiempo, at Manuel Felguerez Museum of Abstract Art

Nowadays, the possibilities of sequence, reiteration, appropriation, registration and materiality offered by stamps are specifically useful to tackle matters related to the politics, society, body o

Ruta Mística at Monterrey’s Museum of Contemporary Art

Monterrey’s Museum of Contemporary Art has been showcasing, since July 12, Ruta mistica (Mystic Route), a reassessment of the mysticism notion within the present Latin American context thro

Last Week of Lotty Rosenfeld. Por una poetica de la rebeldia at CAAC

The Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art has been exhibiting (March 8 – July 21) the Chilean artist’s show Lotty Rosenfeld. Por una poetica de la rebeldia (For a poetics of rebelliousness)