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Havana Art Biennial
The Official Havana Art Biennial 2019 Tour Launched with Fanfare by Authentic Cuba Travel
The HAVANA ART BIENNIAL, whose 13th edition occurs this April 12th to May 12th, 2019, is one of the most prestigious artistic events in Latin America, and is the most important event on the calendar for Cuba´s visual arts community.

“Mesias Maiguashca: Los sonidos posibles”

A assemble of music, pictures, sound installations, videos and scores speaks of composer Mesias Maiguashca’s artistic career throughout the exhibition “Los sonidos posibles (The Possible sS

A Political, Sensorial Cildo Meireles at the Palacio de Velázquez del Retiro

Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles came back to Madrid on May 23 to present some of his career’s most outstanding installations at the Palacio de Velázquez del Retiro, including a few of them that have

NEINVER Opens Art Contest to Provide its Madrid Centers with a Sculpture

The NEINVER Group, the leading outlet operator in Spain, is carrying out a contest for artists from or living in Madrid in a bid to provide its center in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Las Rozas and Getaf

Juan Yarur Presents his Collection at the MAC-Parque Forestal in Chile

At age 29, Juan Yarur, the youngest son of late textile entrepreneur Amado Yarur and one of the most outstanding private collectors of Chilean contemporary art, will showcase for the first time –and in

Carlos Bogni Reinterprets Religious Tokens, Documents at MAC Parque Central

A cheeky glance at religious tokens and documents will be presented by artist Carlos Bogni within the framework of the Quien Como Dios (Who Like God) exhibit, open from June 28 to Sept. 1, at the MAC P

Transatlantic Encounters: Avant-Garde Discourses in Spain, Latin America

The Reina Sofia National Museum and Art Center will be unveiling July 11-13 at the Nouvel Building, Transatlantic Encounters: Avant-Garde Discourses in Spain, Latin America<

ICO Museum - Manolo Laguillo: Reason & City

Manolo Laguillo: Reason & City is the new exhibit that, as part of the PhotoEspaña Festival, has been open since June 20 at the ICO Museum. With this exposition, the ICO Foundation is wagering on a

Mexico DF Hosts a Retrospective by Asco, a Chicano art collective

Asco (Disgust). Synonym of repugnance, nausea, disgust. It was the first name taken by the four founders of a Mexican-American group of artists, who are the target of the exhibition organized by the Me

Mexican Artists to Participate in Opening Edition of World Art Games

A group of 20 contemporary artists, headed by Jose Luis Cuevas, will be making up Mexico’s delegation to the first edition of World Art Games, to take place in four Croatian cities, June 29 – July 10.

Helga de Alvear’s Essential Role

The works created by artists on paper usually capture the first idea of the story they have decided to tell. They are the seed of what later become great pieces. That was Picasso’s way with his prepara

International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory

THE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON CONTEMPORARY ART THEORY | ISCAT –one of the most theory forums in the region– has been annually held since 2000 and, in 2012, it counted 10 successful editions. Along

Arttextum: New Contemporary Art Network

Madrid hosted on June 26 the presentation of Arttextum, Fabric of Cultural Agents inspired by Latin America, a project in which artists are shown as rivers with creative wealth that flow and modify

Great International Exhibition in Medellin

In early March 2013, Medellin was described as “the most innovative city in the world" within the framework of a contest organized by the Urban Land Institute with the support of the Wall Street Jou

Vogadors/Architectural Rowers

Vogadors/Architectural Rowers, Institut Ramon Llull’s project that represented Catalonia and the Balearic Islands during the 13thVenice