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Market Crafts. The market art dealer

The art dealer has been a historic derivative from the word seller, especially one who sells material means of existence, independent product or professional craft, and spoils of war.

The Santiago carnival origin and resistance

The carnival of the city of Santiago de Cuba retains unique qualities in the context of the popular festivals of our Caribbean country. It emphasizes the participation of all Santiago people in the cel

Santiago de Cuba, birthplace and bread

The five hundred years of Santiago de Cuba are already a transcendent historical and cultural fact, as the success of call for the Feast of Fire in its thirty-five editions, this time dedicated to the

Elio: the show man

Elio Rodríguez Miralles is an essential character in the Santiago carnival, known as the Chariot Man because he makes an iron framework and then decorates it using his great imagination and originality

Eyes for a city

A professional theater company, composed of twelve actors, involved the city of Santiago de Cuba and helps transform social reality

Heritage for the future. Coffee roads

Coffee cultural landscape also affected the process of recognition and awareness of being born in Santiago

Renovation of Promenade of Sculptures

Ten kilometers from the city of Santiago de Cuba, in the Baconao National Park, is the Promenade of Sculptures, a special place in the geography of the nation. There, with the Caribbean Sea and the mou

The first underwater archaeological park National Monument

The Archaeological Park Batalla Naval de Santiago de Cuba, as a result of study and documentation, has been declared a National Monument. To record it, two plaques have been placed, the first in the Mo

The most important artist of the Biennial has a female name and is called CUBA

This Biennial questions itself the mega show. We started from the premise of thinking about art instead. Not from classical exhibition, but where work can emerge and develop in their natural habitat.