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Sergio Roque.Las musas de la música. Tríptico .A-L

Cuba´s Athens celebrates its 325th anniversary

The city of San Carlos y San Severino de Matanzas was founded on October 12, 1693. Its geographical location and economic development contributed to the excellent intellectual and artistic development

To have soul / and not money ...

It is shocking the image of Brazil’s National Museum in flames, the total destruction of an architectural jewel of the 19th century, the biggest museum of Latin America in natural history. Because of  
Parte de la serie de latas de sopa de CAmpbell´s

Spain says goodbye to Andy Warhol

The Warhol exhibition,  after passing by the Picasso Museum in Málaga and the CaixaForum in Madrid and Barcelona,. Mechanical art says goodbye to Spain. In the last twelve months almost 600 thousand pe
National Museum of Rio after the fire

The contemporary world in a challenge for preservation

The catastrophe for the loss of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro by a devastating fire last Sunday reopens the debate on the investment of resources in the maintenance of these institutions. This
Student Residence

Federico García Lorca returns to Granada

Texts: Yordanis Ricardo Pupo Federico García Lorca arrived for the first time at the Residencia de Estudiantes (Student Residence) in Madrid in 1919, as a law student, and never again moved away from

The art of Cuban cocktails

Texts: Erasmo Gutiérrez
Ondina duet

The Habana- París album: a stop along the way

Texts: Guille Vilar The CD Habana-París, by the Ondina duet (Ojalá, 2017), is a production whose aesthetic scope reaches far beyond an excellent offering of chamber music. With more than twenty years
El Fallen Angel, Igor Mitoraj. Pisa, Italia.

Roma and París by the rumba rhythm

Texts: Dianelis Hernández Sánchez Photos: Yuris Nórido
Rocío Garcia

Kissing the canvas

Texts: Alejandra Aguirre Ordóñez Much has been written about Rocío Garcia’s work. It has been often said that it is marked by eroticism, a subject under which the idea of power underlies (among others