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Eyes for a city

A professional theater company, composed of twelve actors, involved the city of Santiago de Cuba and helps transform social reality

Heritage for the future. Coffee roads

Coffee cultural landscape also affected the process of recognition and awareness of being born in Santiago

12 instant portrait biennial milestone and challenge

Number 12 has a special and different significance in the history, beliefs and traditions. Twelve are the hours of the day and months of the year. The sacred history accounts of the twelve apostles who

There is a before and after the Havana Biennial

In the eighties a number of important changes begin to occur, very interesting in art worldwide. Already in the seventies the great moment of conceptualism and minimalism had been lived, and the resour

Rent: ¡the show must go on!

Rent, Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1996, winner of a Tony in 1997 for best musical, arrives in Cuba

Pedrito Martinez connected with Panama

In the key of jazz, son, timba, folk and Afro-Cuban rhythms, the group of Pedrito Martinez satisfied a public hungry for dance at the closing of the Panama Jazz Festival concerts at the Ateneo of the C


How much can experience bring in the creative ideation of an artist? How much of that expertise would transform the original idea under other events, associations, updates and possible poetic cravings?

The best cartoonist in the world is Cuban

Ángel Boligán: I am one of the two Cuban cartoonists with more international awards, I do not know how many Ares have today, as he has continued to reap laurels and it is possible that this week  I wi


Pedro Ruiz:"Cuban culture has been present, has always been and it is a major influence on American culture for many years, especially in music and dance."