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Land. An exhibition on Uruguayan posters

Sebastian Alonso / Martin Craciun (Alonso+craciun). Afiches: Santiago Velazco y Javier Cirioni. Montevideo is recognized as a city where posters, billboards and paintings in public places are key pla

The edge and the boundary: Libia Posada’s work

For a contemporary artist is somewhat complex to come up with an exceptional way of personal expression likened to experimental forms, taking into account how much the art world has both branched out a

There’s something going on in Central America

Over the last few years, the image we all had of Central America in terms of artistic creation has been changing. I’m referring to the six nations from the region –I’m ruling out Belize regardless of t


BIENALES, TRIENALES Y FERIAS DE ARTE Bienal de São Pablo. Brasil Bienal de Venecia: Bienal Internacional de Cuenca. Ecuador Bi

La Joven Estampa

Watching the youngsters still seeing Casa de las Americas as a space of recognition and promotion for their fledgling careers is a satisfaction for those who started out that project and cultural cente

Agbón Ilé

The Orí. El Òrìsà personal exhibition is just another excuse to take back on Santiago Rodriguez Olazabal’s artwork, one of the esthetic proposals that better brings together the rituals, the ceremonial


Cuba’s visual arts are going through an interesting moment as far as publishing matters are concerned. Today’s underpinnings of our art are being little by little rescued and studied, presented and pro

Preserving The Caribbean’s Modern Architecture*

The Caribbean is today one of the most dynamic, vibrant and colorful regions of the Americas, a sought-after travel destination not for a good rest, but also for learning about its rich cultural divers


Though an individual exhibit not always puts the artist’s work in the limelight of enthusiast and plentiful publicity –due to the artworks’ conception– and he or she doesn’t even get the kind of media