Carlos Trillo

Outstanding abstract Cuban painter.


Rafael Manuel Calvo González

"I was able to penetrate the secret and mysterious world of his work. In the certain preciousness of his work as an artist -in the truest and deepest sense of the word- (...) we can find in this artworks by Calvo infinite love, happy those who love because they will see in Africa or in Cuba or in the promised land." EUSEBIO LEAL

Yudit Vidal Faife

Cuban painter. Her workshop- gallery "Pincelada Colonial" is located at Real Street #56, Trinidad, Cuba.

Erb Mon

Erb Mon Blog, where you can follow all the updates of his work in illustration, design, painting, video, sound, photography, poetry and street poetry.

Darkddtl (Mexico)

Emerging artist. His work is based on the perceived reality, taking up several issues: the death, feelings, life, life, among others. Does not like being enclosed in just one artistic style.

Abelardo Espejo Tramblin

The strength of his sculptures lies in the work of iron and steel, as well as in its monumental character. Large artworks such as the ones placed in Zaragoza, Almeria, Granada and other Spanish cities can be seen on their page.