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A look at gender identity proposes ARTBO

Works by more than 350 artists, 70 galleries and 20 countries will be exhibited in the Great Hall of the International Center for Business and Exhibitions (Corferias), headquarters of the International
Fiesta iberoamericana

More than half a century celebrating the birth of new peoples

A new edition of the Fiesta de la Cultura Iberoamericana returns to the streets of Holguín during October 24 to 30 of this year. This international meeting, which was founded in 1993 on the occasion of
Cuban Identity Festival

24th Cuban Identity Festival Opens in Bayamo

Historians and artists from the most diverse cultural expressions are participating in the 24th Cuban Identity Festival, which opened in Bayamo, the capital of eastern Granma province, on Wednesday, to

Art itself

If it is aged, much better. The 15th edition of Estampa Fair is again a rich topic to talk about. A «veteran» both nationally and in the artistic realm, during these four days it presents activities th
Hotel Paseo del Prado

Hotel Paseo del Prado: memories of a cruise on land

The Paseo del Prado Hotel stands majestically in front of the Tres Reyes del Morro Castle, right at the intersection of Prado and Malecón. Its construction began in 2017, and will be one of the five pl

Kabinett: 31 curated exhibitions at Art Basel in Miami Beach

Art Basel’s Kabinett sector allows participating galleries to present curated exhibitions in separately delineated spaces within their booths. This year’s Kabinett sector at Art Basel in Miami Beach wi
Festival of Ibero - American Culture: Twenty- five in twenty - four

Festival of Ibero - American Culture: Twenty- five in twenty - four

The press conference of the twenty-fourth edition of the Festival of Ibero-American Culture, is always celebrated in the eastern city of Holguín between October 23 and 30. On this occasion dedicated to
Luis Buñuel

The Havana of Luis Buñuel

Luis Buñuel was never in Havana. But without the existence of this city perhaps a razor would never have mutilated an eye; some beggars would not have been gathered around a table for a grotesque repro
Celebrating the Cuban

Celebrating the Cuban

As part of the celebrations for the anniversaries 150 of the beginning of the wars for independence-October 10, 1868-and the interpretation of the Anthem of Bayamo-October 20, 1868- in that city, capit
 Beirut Design Fair

Beirut Design Fair 2018: Lebanon is confirmed as the regional platform for Design

Commended by a growing audience, the 2018 edition of Beirut Design Fair concluded on September 23rd at Seaside Arena, with Lebanon reflecting the extent of its confidence in Design, and Beirut assertin