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Jose Carlos de Santiago, President and CEO of the Excelencias Group

Jose Carlos de Santiago, President and CEO of the Excelencias Group

By Silvia Martinez
We give our love and heart to Santiago
Santiago de Cuba is ready to celebrate, on July 25, the 500th anniversary of its foundation by Governor Diego Velasquez, along with the Caribbean Festival, and the Excelencias Group has played an important role in these developments, by shedding more light on them.
When the Santiago de Cuba 365 Campaign was launched, within the framework of the presentation of Excelencias Turisticas del Caribe & Las Americas Magazine’s 124th issue and Fiesta del Fuego Digital Multimedia Magazine, you said that this was the 17th year for the Excelencias Group to focus its attention on Santiago de Cuba and you explained the reasons. ¿Could you recall or repeat some of the words you aired a year ago?
I like the city of Santiago de Cuba, its people and history. It’s a paradise to explore, which was discovered many years ago by the Spaniards.
When we decide to do something, we do it for real and we give our love and heart to Santiago. The Excelencias Group is interested in doing its bit so as to spread the word on a great city, a great region and the history of Cuba, because 500 years ago Cuba was Santiago de Cuba and when people used to say “I’m going to Santiago de Cuba”, they were heading to Cuba, nowhere else.
For many years, this village was the most important one island, way before the foundation of Havana. It was the eastern capital, the capital of Cuba’s easternmost region, the closest to La Española, another outstanding island.
Therefore, we analyzed how to tell the world that Santiago de Cuba turns 500 years old.
We have 39 mass media platforms, which included websites like or such newsletters as with seven editions in five languages; or a special edition for Cuba, Excelencias Cuba, along with other magazines that tackle matters related to art, gastronomy, travel industry or the motor industry. They are all different opportunities to foster and promote the image of Santiago de Cuba worldwide.
We’re not only working for the Cuban people to learn more about Santiago de Cuba. Actually, we’re not Cuban media targeting Cuba, we’re international media trying to spread Cuba’s image overseas, so tourists can arrive in Cuba with one of our magazines in their hand or the information they found on the internet thanks to the pieces of news we post on our Excelencias or Caribbean News Digital. That’s what we’ve done.
(to be continued)