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Paradiso Offers the Most Autochthonous Elements of Cuban Culture

Paradiso Offers the Most Autochthonous Elements of Cuban Culture

Juan Alberto Llanes Calaña, Business Manager of Paradiso, shared details on this agency’s work, which is focused on promoting Cuba as a cultural destination.
When and why was Paradiso created?
We’re celebrating our 22nd anniversary as a travel agency. Paradiso was founded in 1994 as part of Artex Company and it has become the promoter per excellence of cultural tourism.
What services are provided by Paradiso?
Paradiso is the official incoming agency for events organized by institutions attached to the Ministry of Culture and distributed throughout the country. Our products include such complementary services as transportation and accommodation. We’re also an incoming entity for the institutions comprised by the National Center of Artistic Teaching, so we sale short courses and undergraduate/postgraduate courses.
We include visits to community projects, creation workshops and other public cultural actions. We also offer specialized programs focused on Havana and other provinces, with such themes as music, dance and popular dances. I want to highlight the agency’s main product: Baila en Cuba annual event, which takes place in Havana, in November, and stands out as a meeting space for international salsa & casino academies. That’s the only event that features live performances by danceable music bands during a whole week.
Which are the most popular events marketed by the agency?
The most popular event among Cuban and international enthusiasts are the International Book Fairs and Cubadisco, the festivals of the New Latin American Cinema, Jazz and Alicia Alonso Ballet, as well as Havana Biennale.
What’s the contribution of the above-mentioned projects to the internationalization of Cuban culture?
Paradiso’s main value is to offer visitors the most autochthonous elements of our culture. Cuba is famous for different artistic expressions, like dance, music or fine arts, which foster its international image, and these programs favor the growing interest in the country as a cultural destination.
What the agency’s main target markets?
An important operation is being carried out with Venezuela and Spain, and we’re also working with other countries like Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Canada.
In which countries has Paradiso established representations?
The agency is represented in Venezuela, by means of the Bolivarian Alliance’s Cultural Fund for the People of America; in Mexico, with Prelasa agency; in Spain, Portugal and Colombia, with partners that manage sales. We’re open to be internationally represented by tour operators, agencies, promoters, personalities and artists.
After 22 year, what are Paradiso’s future plans?
The agency has grown stronger. Our work began with some events and festivities, we later introduced programs, and we’re presently working to create products that attract more visitors.
We’re looking forward to keeping on growing and welcoming more people in Cuba, interested in getting in touch with our culture and history. We want them to use Paradiso as an agency specialized in Cultural Tourism.
Paradiso, Commercial Office Calle 23 y P, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba
Tel: (+537) 8365381 / 8383908
Paradiso, Head Office Calle 82 y 5ta Ave no 8202, Playa, Havana, Cuba
Tel: (+537) 2040601/2040650
Facebook: Paradiso Promotora de Turismo Cultural