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New Royal Academy of Arts

New Royal Academy of Arts will open on 19 May 2018 following a transformative redevelopment

The Royal Academy of Arts, the world's foremost artist and architect-led institution will open its new campus to the public on Saturday 19 May 2018 as part of the celebrations for its 250th anniversary
Photo of completed construction of museum in 1938. Courtesy MMCA, Korea.

Birth of the Modern Art Museum

An Jungsik, Ko Huidong, Oh Jiho, Kim Whanki, Park Sookeun, Lee Jungseob, and more
Arts of Cuba Festival

A bridge of love and peace between the Cuban and US peoples

Some 400 Cuban culture representatives will perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., May 8/June 3, at the Arts of Cuba Festival: from the island to the world. The gathering is the largest suc
Mosaic Painting

Syrian Province Found Second Largest Mosaic Painting

Damascus.- Cultural authorities reported today that they found the second largest mosaic painting of Syria in an archaeological site in the town of Uqueirbat, located at about 65 kilometers north of th

UN Celebrates World Day of Books and English and Spanish Languages

United Nations.- With forums and discussion panels on two of the most used languages in the world, the UN headquarters in New York celebrated today the Day of English and Spanish languages.   Precise
CASCANUECES fotos Alfredo Cannatello

Kennedy Center Praises National Ballet of Cuba´s Return to U.S.

Washington.- The performance by the National Ballet of Cuba at the John F. Kennedy Center represents the return of the renowned company to the stage that witnessed its premiere in the United States 40
Natalia Castañeda, Caricias y pellizcos.

Next opening: Natalia Castañeda

Ceramic exhibition that puts this material in dialogue with sculpture, installation and video, exploring the language of the hands in a series of actions that involve doing, gesture and handtprint. Cer

The Tale of Two Picasso´s Self - portrait Twenty - eight Years Apart

Two self-portraits, “Le Marin” and “Buste d'homme Écrivant”, created by Pablo Picas
 Chris Martin

SKIRA Editore. Chris Martin

The first significant monograph devoted to the work of abstract artist Chris Martin, this book includes incisive essays alongside more than 200 color illustrations.
Allen Jones, Life Class B (Touching Shoe, Pink); 1968. Courtesy the British Council Collection P1201.

Post- Pop. Beyond the Commonplace

This exhibition presents more than 200 works of art mainly produced between 1965 and 1975 in Portugal and England, highlighting the crucial importance of the British artistic and cultural context for t