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Jonathan Freemantle. The Oldest Mountain

Jonathan Freemantle. The Oldest Mountain

The Oldest Mountain, Gallery MOMO’s inaugural exhibition for 2018 by artist Jonathan Freemantle explores the intricate relationship between his body, time and the earth.
Freemantle’s explorations and navigations in and over the Magaliesburg mountain range, one of the ten oldest mountains in the world, has led to an instinctive process of alchemy in his work. This is a painting process that sees a confluence of Freemantle’s own time with that of the earths, a paradox through which the artist engages with the essence of this ancient place in our fleeting presence. Contrasting a contemporary “socio-political” moment performed atop the ruins of a nearby massacre, prosperity and colonial conquest with ancient ritual and a timeless gaze, Freemantle collects rocks from the mountain itself and grinds them to make the paint which forms the multi layered surface of his work. The Mountain is present in his work, in all its manifestations.