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The magazine Arte por Excelencias no. 42 had a special presentation

A walk with jazz through the galleries of Excelencias

The magazine Arte por Excelencias no. 42 had a special presentation -together with its sisters Excelencias Turísticas del Caribe and the Americas, Excelencias del Motor and Excelencias Gourmet- in a unique place in the Cuban capital: the Jazz Café de Galerías Paseo, in El Vedado.
López Oliva con Georges Nnamdi

Audience interested in the works of López Oliva in Detroit

With the assistance of collectors and people interested in the enjoyment of art, the paintings of López Oliva at the N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art of the city of Detroit are still on display.
Arte por Excelencias

Arte por Excelencias accompanies the anniversary of Matanzas

At the opening of the exhibition, which will run until November 12th, the most recent issue of Arte por Excelencias was presented, whose pages contained a special curation of that exhibition by its mai

A look at gender identity proposes ARTBO

Arte por Excelencias, once more semi-partners of the event will attend with a complete collection of magazines and willing to provide all the details of what happens at the Colombian plastic arts party

Paris Photography Sales

Auctions at Sotheby´s Paris: 9 November 2018
BDF Rewards a student for her creation

BDF Rewards a student for her creation

The Jury and the Mentors Conferred The 2018 A+ Award
Chucho Valdes

Cuban Musician Chucho Valdes to Be Honored at La Musa Awards

Cuban musician Jesus Chucho Valdes will be honored on Thursday at the 6th edition of the annual La Musa Award due to his career and contributions to that event throughout his 50 - year career.
Adler Guerrier, Jordana Pomeroy, Dr. Tatiana Flores, Charo Oquet, & Dr. Andrea J. Queeley

Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum  FIU opened its doors last Saturday to announce a powerful new exhibition for the Art Basel Season 2018.
Exhibition view of “Sanguine: Luc Tuymans on Baroque”  A project by Luc Tuymans

Fondazione Prada. Sanguine - Luc Tuymans on Baroque

Curated by Belgian artist Luc Tuymans, Sanguine is a personal interpretation of the Baroque based on innovative juxtapositions and unexpected associations of works by contemporary artists and Old Maste
Fiesta iberoamericana

More than half a century celebrating the birth of new peoples

A new edition of the Fiesta de la Cultura Iberoamericana returns to the streets of Holguín during October 24 to 30 of this year.
Cuban Identity Festival

24th Cuban Identity Festival Opens in Bayamo

Historians and artists from the most diverse cultural expressions are participating in the 24th Cuban Identity Festival, which opened in Bayamo, the capital of eastern Granma province, on Wednesday, to
Omara Portuondo

Cuban Singer Omara Portuondo to Perform New Album in Concert

The disc, released last May by the Musical Recording and Editions Company (EGREM), seeks to win as the Best Traditional Tropical Album.
one, maybe two Parsecs

Eric Baudart. "one, maybe two Parsecs"

"one, maybe two Parsecs", Eric Baudart´s solo show at Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong refers to a unit of length or distance as coined to describe astronomical objects outside the solar system.
Tamara Lempicka

The glamourous Art Decó by Lempicka

Unmistakable and personal, the work of Tamara Lempicka condenses a whole aesthetic stream that stood out in the first third of the last century while she managed to define herself and to mark a style o

Art itself

The 15th edition of Estampa Fair is again a rich topic to talk about. A «veteran» both nationally and in the artistic realm, during these four days it presents activities that, although succesive in ti