Sancho, another sign

"Thank you for the coverage ... It's amazing," reads the first message with the signing of Helena Varela, received at the website when in IFEMA, in the Parthenon Avenue of the Spanish capital, the lights of the most successful and popular fair ARCOmadrid were barely extinguished.

The next day another mail was received from the Department of Communication and Marketing: "Thank you all. We are very impressed and grateful. Greetings!!!. Our reply was equally fraternal and

enthusiastic: "The publication of what happened in ARCOmadrid has been a pleasure for our team. And I, on their behalf, want to thank your words of recognition. "

We have received many messages about our news coverage, either from the media team of the Joan Miró Foundation, from the Centre for Contemporary Art in Malaga; Angeles Baños Gallery in Badajoz, and the Museum of Modern Art of Dominican Republic or the Biennial of Bucaramanga in Colombia. And from the Cuban cultural institutions, throughout the island. Even those who open their doors, as young Astarte Gallery in Madrid. It is comforting to read: "What a joy to be followed from Cuba and our work be spread everywhere!".

Our permanent presence in America and the Caribbean, particularly from Madrid and Havana, and the knowledge of the artistic and cultural world, is generating a lot of interest, even greater than the one it had up to now. The defense of this special area by the Excellencies Group it is being recognized by many artists, curators, critics and cultural promoters, many of them members of our board of scholars.

And it is because we are now the only Latin American and Caribbean magazine, and almost worldwide, dedicated to art and culture of the region, with a different, controversial and compelling content, besides being half sponsor and half partner of the most important fairs and biennials in our region. The growth dynamics of our site and Art Excellencies page on Facebook, are the best proof of this.

After the release of our first issue in January 2009, almost six years ago, we can reap the rewards that much work it took to accomplish, when passing the Spanish and the US crisis, where other publications and projects could hardly stand. We, however, have converted our magazine into paper, expanding its content to events of contemporary art and culture, assuming its multiple vision in times of transfer between art forms, especially with the impact of new technologies. And all this without eliminating the role of the visual arts.

 From the months ahead, we will continue strengthening our distribution with much more strength in the United States, in a special way on the east coast.

It is the satisfaction of defending what was done with love, creativity and passion. And also our persistent tribute to the richness of the Spanish language, just as academics of the Royal Academy have reached to "a place of La Mancha" Argamasilla del Alba (Ciudad Real), the most likely place where Miguel de Cervantes began his masterpiece, to honor the four hundred years of the publication of the second volume of Don Quixote, and incidentally to claim the tourist route is owed. With the mills of Alcazar de San Juan in the background, together twith twenty-six Spaniards were there as equals representatives of Panama, Colombia, Honduras, while in Havana Dr. 

Mirtha Yáñez assumed as full member of the chair of the R letter at the College of San Geronimo de La Habana ... all the diversity and crucible of our peoples and nations.

Sancho, another sign that we move.

José Carlos de Santiago