Biennial Turns Havana into a Large Art Gallery


Havana.- Artists from 40 countries let their creativity run free and change urban areas in this city participating in the 12 Biennial of Havana, opening today as a visual celebration.


Jorge Fernandez, director of the event, said that this Biennial will not be hosted at a definite venue, but in many places of Havana from May 22 to June 22, for the artists to create according to the places and the urban context.


Fernandez said that the main idea is to turn the city into the largest art gallery in the world for a month, while representing at the same time a social initiative seeking to improve the environment of many communities and therefore the lives of many inhabitants.


The main objective of the event will be the exhibition of working process within arts, marked by collaboration in the 21st century.


For us the energy of the city is important, said Fernandez, and urged communities to get involved in the projects and turn them into spaces to socialize.


According to president of the National Council of Visual Arts, Ruben del Valle, the Biennial must bring general public closer to arts, for it to be a social heritage and not a privilege of a certain sector.


Public spaces that could change the face of Havana include the National Bus Station, the Cultural Center Pabellon Cuba, the former bicycle factory in Vedado and the University of Havana.


Source: PL