Latin America to be Showcased at Venice Film Festival, Says Expert


Rome.-  The Italian film critic Alberto Barbera, director in charge of selection at the Venice Film Festival, said recently that Latin American films will have great prominence in the 2015 festival. Latin American films have "quality and innovative strength thanks to which they will be the most qualified competitor for the Golden and Silver Lions of the festival", said Barbera referring to the possibilities of such films at the Venetian Festival, to be held from next September 2 to 12.


Barbera praised during a press conference the remarkable improvement of Latin American films and forecast that an active competition with other regions will take place, despite having fewer films in competition.


Among Latin American films, both Barbera and other experts point out as strong candidates for the awards Pablo Trapero's El Clan from Argentina and Lorenzo Vigas'  Desde alla from Venezuela.


Source: PL