Cuban artist at International Festival of Performance


Artist Santiago Hermes Martínez from Cienfuegos, represented Cuba at the Third International Festival of Performance Acciones al margen which took place from March 12 to 19, at the Bucaramanga Colombian city.


Graduated on Engraving at the National Arts School in 1990, Hermes Martínez presented the exhibition Milenio (Millennium), at the Coliseo Peralta, and the performance Arte soy in Santander park, in this city of northeastern Colombia.


The also cultural promoter brought to this event the work of “Trazos Libres” project he founded in Cienfuegos, in September, 2009. During a lecture at the Casa del Libro, the participants from Brazil, Mexico and the host nation, knew about this interactive space of artistic production that socializes issues regarding African descent from the promotion of Fine Arts.


“Sharing with other artists of international prestige is always very encouraging; I had the opportunity to meet with Mexican Violeta Luna and Brazilian Cecilia Steline”, said the member of the The Slave Route: Resistance, Freedom and Heritage Cuban Committee.


The Acciones al margen International Festival in Bucaramanga has been annually held since 2013 to foster dialogues and exchanges with visual artists from Cuba and abroad, and the community in general.


The Performance is a unique art form, considered by many experts as a stage sample, though it is framed within the visual arts category, by its improvisation components and interaction with different surrounding elements, the audience included.


Santiago Hermes Martínez has over 50 art personal exhibitions and performances in Cuba and abroad.


Earlier this month, he attended the Cafe XVII: The Journeys of Cuban Artists event held in Barbados, where he made the performances “Del otro lado” (From the other side) and “In Lookers On Lookers”, at Las Indias Occidentales University, in Bridgetown.


Source: Cubarte