"The art of comics' first original comics gallery Spain


"The Art of Comics" just opened on 10th Street Madrid Agreement. This is a new exhibition space and sale of original drawings published in the most popular and cult comics worldwide. With a background of over 500 ORIGINAL, it can find real works of art from 100 euros, all unique and very hard to find parts in the market.


This new "temple" of gender houses works of different styles like American (represented among others by authors like Will Eisner, Mike Mignola, Eric Powell, Romita JR, Darwin Cooke), European (especially French-Belgian with JC Fournier, Crisse, Enrico Marini, C. Pedrosa, Batem, JL Munuera, Severin, Milo Manara, De Moor), Spanish (with works by Jordi Bernet, Alfonso Azpiri, R. Pellejero, Ivan Gil, Max, Raúl Arnaiz, David Rubin, Alberto Aja, Ana Miralles).


In "The Art of Comics" you can see original covers of The Coyote or Corsaire Iron Hellboy drawings, Tintin, Popeye, Iznogud or Spirou. Among the oldest examples, highlights "Hernán Corsaire" Argentine José Luis Salinas, 1936. Also worth mentioning is one of the greatest exponents of female comics artists such as the Madrid Ana Miralles (author of the popular series Djinn ).


According to Daniel Aldonza, Manager of "The Art of Comic", "the comic has the power and complexity of combining and integrating in a single plane visual expression, with drawings of different techniques (pencil, ink, mixed) with the narrative of the story. Therefore, with this new space, we ennoble this discipline, raise their status and status as an art as it can be other artistic expressions of our time. "


Besides equity, both the amateur and the collector will find hundreds of other original looking thanks to agreements "Comic Art" has with other American and European galleries without leaving Madrid.


"We want Aldonza -Ensure that everyone can access have an original of his favorite comic book, either back to childhood memories or the taste and quality of the work, without forgetting that it is also an art to rise and constantly revalued. And this in our space exhibition is possible and easier and cheaper than people might think. "


For years, the comic has had a resurgence thanks to new generations and new technologies associated with video games and movies in 3D. Authors like Romita, John Byrne or Mignola have contributed.


"The Art of Comics" open Wednesday through Friday from 11.30 to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 20.30 h .; Saturdays from 11:00 to 14:00 h. It is located on 10th Street Madrid Agreement in the Area of ​​Conde Duque, near the Conde Duque, the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art and the ABC Collection Foundation Cultural Center. You can get there by Metro (nearest stations are San Bernardo, Ventura Rodríguez and Novitiate) and bus (nearest stops lines 3, 147 and M2). And so you can find and see some of the original and authors who have in:


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