Porch Bookstore presents Félix Angel and his most recent books


Felix Angel (Medellin, Colombia) lives in Washington DC since 1977. He is the architect of the National University of Colombia, an artist with over one hundred solo exhibitions in the United States and Latin America and the Caribbean and 400 group exhibitions in the Americas and Europe. His works are in museums in the United States, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Argentina, Costa Rica, and England (Essex Collection). He has executed nine murals in Colombia. He was the curator responsible for more than one hundred international exhibitions. He was curator of the Art Museum of the Americas, OAS, Curator of the IDB Cultural Center and Director of the same from 2000 to 2011.


In 1975 he published his novel Te Quiero Mucho Poquito Nada and 1976: Nosotros, un trabajo sobre los artistas antioqueños.



His last three books: Nosotros, Vosotros, Ellos, memoria del arte en Medellín durante los años 70; Todos Ellos, poemas (written at the age of 17, and illustrated with linoleum engravings) and most recently, Trayectos, which includes his life and career, have been praised by critics. His book Yo Dije can be found in the press, which brings together the writings of the newsletter Medellin "Yo Digo".



Felix Angel is part of the team contributing editors of Handbook of Latin American Studies from the Library of Congress of the United States since 2000.