Santiago de Cuba Historic Center ready to be registered as World Heritage


Omar López, director of the City Conservator Office, announced that the dossier focused in evaluating Santiago de Cuba Historic Center as potential place to be registered as World heritage is ready. 


The also Architecture National Award winner informed the documentation will be hand in to the National Council of Cultural Heritage regarding its presentation to UNESCO and it has become one of the fundamental efforts for the 20 years of the institution he directs to be celebrated on April 28 of 2017.


The architect underlined the potentialities of the city’s cultural and historic legacy that must be explored and recognized to be used as resources for touristic development including natural beauties of the surrounding mountains and sea. 


Among the cultural landscapes of the city, the expert highlighted the attractive of El Cobre town, where join the patrimonial values of religion with the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Caridad; of slavery with the Runaway Slave Monument and that of mining with the remaining of antique deposits.


Source: RHC