The Veronica Scanner - Live 3D Portraiture


A continuous thread in the story of visual art, from ancient Greek mythology to the rise of photography in the 19th century, is the desire to represent a subject’s true form. As part of this story, Factum’s own Veronica Scanner, which uses photogrammetry to record highly objective portraits, will be installed in the Royal Academy of Arts.


It will scan around 40 members of the public per day, over 10 days, as part of a project exploring the use of photography as a tool for sculpture. In real time, some of the resulting 3D scans will be rematerailised through additive (3D printing) and subtractive (robot wood carving) processes.


The users will receive a 3D model of their scan within a few days, and some data will be processed directly on site.


The interactive exhibition is designed by RIBA award winning architect, Charlotte Skene Catling, and will emulate a bustling futuristic workshop. We are very gratefull to Autodesk, Capturing Reality, IMakr (MyLittleFactory) and Bartlett School of Architecture who are providing the software, printers and CNC Milling machine.