Cuba, Colombia, Winners of Int'l Circus Festival


Havana Company, of Cuba' s National Circus, and Colombian duet Jose and Gaby, won the top prizes of the 14th International Festival "Circuba 2015," that entity reported today. The Russian Bar, of Havana Company, won the Grand Prize and the popularity award of this year's competition, among other awards.


Meanwhile, "Mano a mano" duet, of Colombians Jose and Gaby, won the Carpa de Oro award -former arching- with Bacula Acrobatioca, of Havana Company, a groupo that due to its spectacular performance won eight awards.


Of that company, Columpio Acrobatico won the Carpa de Plata award shared with Requiem tape duet, of Colombia.


The Carpa de Bronce award was delivered to the members of the same Cuban institution, after Trapecio Volante and Pole dance shows received it. Circuba's jury decided to grant for the first time an Originality Award, to Russian juggler Diana Stepanova, who with just 17 years old established a world record keeping nine rings on air.