Cuban Choir ''Entrevoces'' Wins Grand Prize in US Competition


The Cuban choir ''Entrevoces'', directed by Digna Guerra, won the Grand Prize at the International Choir Competition Serenade 2015, held in Washington, United States, reported the Cuban Institute of Music. The group that since last June 15 was on tour in the United States, also won the first prize in its category, in which it competed with different choirs from countries like Canada, Slovakia and the United States itself, among others.


The panel of judges noted in the minutes the high level of 'Entrevoces' in interpreting the repertoire chosen, in which two works by master Leo Brouwer: 'Cuando yo te tuve' and 'Cántico de celebración', stood out.


The award-winning choir will continue its journey until next July 13 by US cities like Louisville, Chicago, Durham and Minneapolis.


The International Choir Festival 2015, held at the US University of Yale,the week before also included the participation of 'Entrevoces' at the auditorium of the Morse Recital Hall, where the audience cheered many of the pieces sung.


Source: PL