Cuban Film Takes Grand Prize in the Canary Islands

HAVANA, Cuba.- Cuban fiction film Conducta (Behavior) by movie maker Ernesto Daranas won the Grand Prize at the Insularia-Islas Film Festival in Tenerife, the Canary Islands.
According to the Cuban Film Institute, the festival showcases the best films produced in insular territories and this, its first time, the event was dedicated to Cuba.
The festival's program included a tribute to movie maker Julio Garcia Espinosa and a retrospective look at Cuban documentary and fiction film during the three first decades of production.
A poster exhibit and a homage to the San Antonio de los Banos International Film School on its 30th birthday, as well as a meeting between representatives of the Canary Film and the Cuban Film archives was also on the program.
The Cuban film Conducta has won over 30 prizes and nominations. It has become one of the best recognized Latin American movies.
In Spain, the film won four distinctions at the Malaga Festival  and won the prize to the Best Film at the Huelva Ibero-American Movie Festival. Conducta was the Cuban candidate to  the 2015 Oscar Awards.
Source: ACN