From the 6th of September Adam Lowe and Carlos Bayod start teaching and MA in Advanced Preservation Technology at Columbia University


This ambitious course is designed to deal with the practical issues involved in the application of technology in heritage preservation.


The practical part of the course will involve a direct link between the Columbia University and Metropolitan Museum (Cloisters) where three panels removed from the Hermitage of San Baudelio will be scanned with Factum's Lucida Scan, and the Hermitage near Berlanga del Duero where we will be studying the surface from which they were removed.


While on the East coast we will also be scanning in the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. The next phase of the work for Strawberry Hill House will be the recording of Allan Ramsey’s Portrait of Horace Walpole's Nieces: The Honorable Laura Keppel and Charlotte, Lady Huntingtower