Venezuelan artist Milton Becerra exhibits three works in Miami


By Raymar Rondón


Venezuelan artist Milton Becerra has consolidated a strong artistic presence in Miami through important individual exhibitions that were part of the circuit of Art Basel Miami and which will be displayed during the first half of 2015. Collaborative Art Projects includes pictures of the 1970s at the ArtMedia Gallery while the Art Nouveau Gallery exhibits the Wale’ Kerü Líneas de Luz sample, a text of Colombian critic Adriana Herrera Tellez, who has an alternative space for contemporary art in the city with the Fundación Aluna. The headquarters of such Foundation exhibits an exhibition of Becerra entitled Affective architecture, which shows 3 photos of Milton of his serial Análisis de un proceso en el tiempo (Analysis of a process over time).


Wale' una lines of light consists of 11 three-dimensional sculptures in different formats, on the basis of threads woven overlapping elements with the use of color, as well as a large mural facility titled "Sacro Catino", of 7 meters long by 3 meters high made with a great pink quartz, in which he draws a hexagon with colored nylon fibers that holds it.


Herrera Tellez defines the artistic contribution of Milton Becerra as a “traveler of time and with vast territories” who weaves through his art forms from time-space sources, which - being as diverse as distant - converge in a same revelation: reflect the prodigious framework of the universe." Thus, he approaches the past of America to the discoveries of the theories of quantum physics; and the myths and the first tools of prehistory to the sculptures of the contemporary abstract geometric art."


Also, he says in the text accompanying the exhibition carried out in Paris, where Becerra showed for the first time his combination of "rocks and ropes in a facility placed at the entrance of the XI Biennale of Paris, as an invocation to nature, the primary source from which nests and mazes also come in his work, tensioned or structured with thread."


The second exhibition under the title of Collaborative Art Projects, gathers the photographic records that Milton Becerra made from the ephemeral art proposals highlighted in the 1970s -a crucial time for the development of contemporary art- Venezuelan artists Milton Becerra, Claudio Perna and Luis Villamizar, and that until late February will be presented at the ArtMedia Gallery, a space for the art with an interest in photography the video and the technological means, under the curatorship of Cuban-Venezuelan José Antonio Navarrete.


With more than four decades of career, Milton Becerra is one of Venezuelan artists with greater international projection. Based in Paris since 1980, his work has been exhibited in many galleries, halls and museums in Venezuela, Germany, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Dominican Republic, United States, Spain, Taiwan, among other countries.


Also, he has received significant national and international awards, and he is part of public and private collections in diverse latitudes. His monumental sculptures have been placed in numerous places, such as the castle of Nointel, in France, the Klinkvertwartung collection, in Germany, and the Ibirapuera Park, in Sao Paulo.


The exhibitions will be shown in Miami until the end of February, where the artist will stay to participate in the Wynwood Art fair with the Art Nouveau Gallery.