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portada arte por excelencias
Arte por Excelencias Magazine´s Launching at Busboys and Poets, Washington DC
On Saturday May 19th, Arte por Excelencias magazine´s 38th issue was launched by its executive editor Alexis Triana at "A Bridge is Made: A Conversation on Cuban Art and Culture" space, which is fostered by Busboys and Poets as part of the successful cultural actions carried out by Cuba on US soil within the framework of the Artes de Cuba Festival, hosted by Kennedy Center.

Helga de Alvear’s Essential Role

The works created by artists on paper usually capture the first idea of the story they have decided to tell. They are the seed of what later become great pieces. That was Picasso’s way with his prepara

International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory

THE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON CONTEMPORARY ART THEORY | ISCAT –one of the most theory forums in the region– has been annually held since 2000 and, in 2012, it counted 10 successful editions. Along

Arttextum: New Contemporary Art Network

Madrid hosted on June 26 the presentation of Arttextum, Fabric of Cultural Agents inspired by Latin America, a project in which artists are shown as rivers with creative wealth that flow and modify

Great International Exhibition in Medellin

In early March 2013, Medellin was described as “the most innovative city in the world" within the framework of a contest organized by the Urban Land Institute with the support of the Wall Street Jou

Vogadors/Architectural Rowers

Vogadors/Architectural Rowers, Institut Ramon Llull’s project that represented Catalonia and the Balearic Islands during the 13thVenice

"Let Us Be Known, Let Us Be Seen, and Let Us Shine" by Curators' Network

"Let us be known, let us be seen, and let us shine" are three weeks of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, screenings, talks and debates carried out by Curators' Network at Matadero Madrid’s Intermedi

APERTURA 2013 to Include 50 Simultaneous Inaugurations

Between September 19 and 22, Madrid will once again become epicenter of contemporary art with APERTURA 2013 being held. Nearly 50 simultaneous inaugurations and a comprehensive program of activities in

"Region Interior: la Otra America de Glissant, Matta, Lam y Cardenas", a Necessary Cuban Tribute to the Martinican Poet

Édouard Glissant devino poesía inspiradora para el pensamiento caribeño reunido en el Coloquio Internacional La Diversidad Cultural en el Caribe, 2013. Esta cita, como otros encuentros centrados en

Ruta Mistica at Monterrey’s Museum of Contemporary Art

Monterrey’s Museum of Contemporary Art showcases Ruta mistica (Mystic route), a reassessment of the mysticism notion within the present Latin American context through reflections by ten art

“Ineditos”. Pictures by Samuel Aranda, Pep Bonet, Guillem Valle, Olmo Calvo

Circulo del Arte, joining Circuit 2013 – Fotografia Documental Barcelona, organized by Photographic Social Vision–, will be hosting, since June 20, the exhibition named Ineditos (Unpublished)

Pavel Acosta´s “Wallscape”: A closer look at one of the most intriguing works in El Museo biennial

Cuban artist Pavel Acosta was invited to participate in Here is Where We Jump, the Bienal that opened last week at El Museo del Barrio in Manhattan.

550 Digital Projects to the Latin American Emprende con cultura Contest

Latin American 'Emprende con cultura (Undertake with culture)' contest has received this year 550 digital projects, coming from Argentina (118), Bolivia (11), Brazil (22), Chile (2

3rd OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona

3rd OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona is an international event organized by La Fabrica and La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, linked to OjodePez documental photography magazine.

Third Edition of the Room Art Fair

The new edition of ROOM ART FAIR will be unfolding in Madrid Nov. 22-24, 2013, at the Praktik Metropol Hotel in the heart of the capital’s Gran Via. As in previous editions, gallery owners will be a