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Gary Nader
Gary Nader: a premium interview
Zona Maco is the most important art fair in Latin America, not only on account of what it represents in art from these countries, but because the great European and American galleries are participating.


El Observatorio de Línea (Ediciones Union, 2008) is an anti-academic book. I guess it’s the most bohemian book I’ve ever read and that enthralls me. I can’t help it. Elvia Rosa Castro gives herself all


The fact that America is a young people is borne out, first of all, by the very history of the United States. The arch of sense that would fundamentally span from the 2000 to the 2008 presidential elec


The invisibility of Paraguay’s arts in the world scene is not under discussion; it’s a fact. A shroud of silence wraps the country’s cultural creation. Even in the South Cone, Paraguay is still draped

Traveling with Camejo

A city vision, in which the light draws the full scope of the night, is the image that serves as backdrop for this book entitled “Luis Enrique Camejo Vento.”

Jose Bedia:Our obligation of going cross-cultural

Jose Bedia has never bee n properly an artis t. He ’s never wanted to be. Either way, he’s always been trying to avoid it, to escape from art just like any hounded animal in peril would do. Just as muc

Lourdes Fernández ARCOmadrid 2009 Director

In your view, what were the


Let’s begin with a common, equally necessary place to lodge ourselves in the point we want to get to.


Thinking feels a kind of fruition very similar to that of loving when it touches the naked body of an idea. Ortega y Gasset

Editorial 1 English

Our publishing group is giving its readers Art by Excelencias, a magazine envisaged to bear testimony to the creative processes within the framework of the fine arts and their main figures in the Ameri


Cristobal Reinoso was born in