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A new edition of Lizt Alfonso Ballet's Choreographic Contest

A new edition of Lizt Alfonso Ballet's Choreographic Contest

The 18th edition of the Lizt Alfonso Ballet's Choreographic Contest offers the opportunity to children, young people and adults loving creation to participate by performing  their works to the public and jury composed of prestigious personalities. 


Sources of this dance company stated that the event registrations will take place from February 2 to March 11, at the venue of the company, located at 659 Compostela street, between Luz & Acosta streets, Old Havana, Monday through Friday, at 10 am.


Those winning the first, second and third prizes, as well as the special awards, will have the chance to take their home trophies, certificates, dance costumes and accessories, etc. 


Others may also be granted scholarships for the Summer Course of the company, and all of them will obtain a participation certificate.


This event can also be attended by choreographers, whether they are professionals or not, belonging to dance companies, Spanish societies, Cultural House Centers, and other artistic groups across the country.


The performances and Award Ceremony of this Choreographic Contest will be held between June 12 and 13, at Teatro Nacional de Cuba’s Sala Avellaneda.


Simultaneously to its foundation, the Lizt Alfonso Company founded a dance academy for training future dances and, at the same time, it had the initiative of creating the only choreographic contest on Spanish dance, which takes place once a year. 


Moreover, she develops each summer season intensive courses for children, young and adults interested in the knowledge and study of her style.


Both events are held annually and, since 2000, the summer courses have spread to other Cuban provinces, such as Villa Clara and Ciego de Ávila.