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The simplest thing can be complicated

The simplest thing can be complicated

Mexican cuisine is unique in the world, by the fusion it has with the pre-Hispanic ingredients. It is necessary to remember that as a result of the Spanish conquest new ingredients were added to the gastronomy of Mesoamerica, and specifically of Mexico.

One of the specific characteristics of Mexican cuisine is that absolutely everything should be natural. A real professional chef of Mexican cuisine should not use tomato puree or any other ingredient that will change the taste of the dishes. Products have to be one hundred percent natural, fresh. An onion or a tomato cannot be cut at eleven o’clock if they are going to be used at eight in the evening, because that plant is already dehydrated and lose all the juice that will enrich the food. Another thing: to cook slowly; is not the same to do it 240 degrees to 160. Eighty-five percent of the cooking time must be simmered, and the rest at higher temperature for a crisp and golden product.

The responsibility that we Mexicans are trying to conquer new markets is very large, because a South American, a European, an American or a Cuban can come here and be pleased. However, whenever a Mexican comes, which of course does know the true taste and flavor of the dishes we offer- and is satisfied, for us it is a double merit.

Sometimes the most simple can be the most difficult, because for example, to shine with a mass of fried pork, make them special or unique has its merit, its trick, and its magic. When you are in front of an accustomed palate, he knows how close you are, how much you have left. If someone from Yucatan comes and asks for a roasted suckling pig, he will know for sure if it was cooked with banana leaves with a good achiote, or if it has the degree of acidity the sour orange provides.

Mexico is very large. They are thirty-one states and the federal district. Each state probably has ten or more typical dishes. It’s a great variety that we may be talking for hours. My duty is to offer it to those who come here. This is what we do.