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Pharmaceutical Museum of Matanzas

International Museum Day will be celebrated throughout Cuba

On May 18, International Museum Day (DIM), will be celebrated with the usual Open House in all Cuban museum institutions, and a program of special actions.

Cuban America: An Empire State of Mind

Cuban America: An Empire State of Mind includes over 35 contemporary artists of Cuban descent, who have been raised in the States or in Cuba. In this groundbreaking exhibition, a myriad of themes ar

Am Gallery at A?Cero during Art Week in Madrid

Am gallery exhibits German artist Anne Kampchulste’s pieces and Jacinto Moros’ sinuous wooden pieces at A?Cero In architecture showroom. The spaces run by architects Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamaz

Etudio Carlos Garaicoa opens: NUMBER, NAME, THINK (The Scientific Method)

Carlos Garaicoa Studio opens again around this time of the year with a group show. In this occasion the presented works deal with the relationship between art and mathematics, as well as the interes

El gran Rasta, 2013 | Los Carpinteros | Foto: Ivorypress

Ivorypress Displays Los Carpinteros´s “Bazar”

Ivorypress has been showcasing, since February 18, the second exhibition by Cuban collective Los Carpinteros, entitled “Bazar“, which includes a group of small-and-medium-size format pieces, and thr

Teresa Serrano. Albur de amor, in Artium

Teresa Serrano (Mexico D. F, 1936) is one of the most interesting, creative and convincing Latin American visual artists, with a long-standing international artistic career. Her artistic production

Entre tiempos... Jozami Collection at Lazaro Galdiano Museum

Lazaro Galdiano Museum will be showcasing in February the first foreign collection in our country. It’s all about Argentina-based Jozami Collection, which puts together over one thousand pieces that

EsBaluard Opens “Implosió” to Mark Tenth Anniversary

Within the framework of its 10thanniversary, Es Baluard is set to open – Thursday January 30 at 20:00 hours – “Implosió”, a great display curated by Nekane Aramburu, director of

Feel the Architecture: “Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined”, Royal Academy

London’s Royal Academy of Arts will be showcasing “Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined”, January 25 – April 6, 2014.


Antonio Ballester Moreno’s “Blue & Yellow” Project in Lisbon

Lisbon’s Pedro Cera Gallery opened on January 17 the first solo show of Madrid’s artist Antonio Ballester Moreno in its space: Azul e Amarelo. The show can be watched through March 7, 2014. 

Siqueiros Public Art Hall Hosts “Profile of Peruvian Women (1980-1981)”

The profile of female reproductive organs, an unpublished sculpture of an unfeasible project in the middle of a hall crowed by diagrams;that’s the poster of Teresa Burga’sPerfil de la mujer peru

Cabello & Carceller Duo Presents First Solo Show in Mexico

Spain’s Cultural Center in Mexico (CCEMx) inaugurated on January 21,the first solo show of Spanish artists Cabello and Carceller. Pioneers in Spain when it comes to taking art to genre policies, Cab

Mario Rabasco: Contingent Spaces. Visual Study on the University of Valencia

La NauCultural Centrefrom the University of Valencia kicks off its 2014 program with an interesting photographic display by Mario Rabasco. Espacios Contingentes. Estudio visual de la Universitat

Espacio Minimo Gallery Presents Mexican Artist Joaquin Segura’s First Solo Show in Spain

Espacio Minimois slated to present Mexican artist JOAQUIN SEGURA’s first solo show in Spain, February 1st – March 29th.

Mario Garcia Torres at Elba Benitez Gallery

In terms of philosophic debates, the difference – that “what’s left” of Wittgenstein’s phrase – between simple movement and deliberate action generally aims at the intention. But identical gestures