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Alicia´s other mode of cultural existence

Alicia has not only been a magistral Cuban dancer of universal standard. His presence in the culture is not limited to the wonders of her talent and personality in classical dance that she knew how to stylize.


Though an individual exhibit n

Alfaro: Ritual Memory

In Memoria Ritual (Ritual Me-m

A Galician in The Caribbean

In my third time around for The Archivist section, I want on the one hand to piece together some sort of a trilogy of a number of artists who are likened to the advance of the fine arts in the Caribbea

Land. An exhibition on Uruguayan posters

Sebastian Alonso / Martin Crac

Local traces


The Traces: The Private Eye exhibition is an initiative thought out by artists who set up a company for the registration and transfer of the personal stamps of their works out

Editorial - 3

Art by Excelencias puts its sight on the fine arts to address, in an updated fashion, the ongoing developments and their influence in the Americas and the Caribbean, such as the Central American Isthmu

Antonio Martorell. I Want it All, and I Want it All the Time

Antonio Martorell is a regular

History and Perspective of Design in Latin America and the Caribbean. Two Visions of a Myth

Venturing into the brain-ra

One out of Eleven

An artist’s monographic boo

A Passion for Humor

One of those indispensable boo

Roberto Diago: The Nigro Enigma

There’s no social layer, group

Four in a Drawer

Earlier today I skimmed throug

RED. An exhibit of Cuban posters curated by designer Pepe Menendez Havana, 2009

Red is the color that correspo

Editorial 2 English

We’re giving our readers the second issue of our Art by Excelencias magazine. Based on the first issue’s magnificent acclaim among artists, critics and researchers in the realm of the fine arts, the Ex