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Arte por Excelencias media partners of Swab Barcelona 2019

Arte por Excelencias media partners of Swab Barcelona 2019

The twelfth edition of Swab Barcelona arrives from September 26 to 29 and its organizers do not cease in their desire to guarantee that everything is ready for the date.
Hotel Habana Show

Hotel Habana Show: traveling to Cuba without a passport

After three weeks in the capital of the Costa del Sol, Hotel Habana Show will go through Palma de Mallorca (June 26-July 14), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (August 9-25), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (3-6) Sept

Filming with Art: will return

Thirty-five years after the premiere of Ghostbusters, they announce that they will return. Entertainment Weekly gave the news and said the director will be Jason Reitman, the son of the original direct
Sergio Peña Martínez

Celebrated in Havana National Design and Design Management Awards 2019

The National Design Award 2019 was delivered this Sunday to Dr. Sergio Peña Martínez, director of the Higher Institute of Industrial Design.
Return the French design to Havana

Return the French design to Havana

The celebration these days of the II Biennial of Design of Havana and the IV Month of French Culture, has brought again to the capital of the Greater Antilles a sample of the work of the prestigious Pa
Issac Delgado

Rain and Fire, by Issac Delgado, with many aromas

Issac Delgado´s new album, Lluvia y Fuego (Rain and Fire), has many aromas: the feeling, the bolero, the son, the bossa nova, the guaracha and the rumba, all very Cuban, like this charismatic musician.
3 ≠ 3 in Galería Habana

Continues open to the public 3 ≠ 3 in Galería Habana

Until next June 14, the exhibition 3 ≠ 3 is open to the public in Galería Habana, with works by Esterio Segura, Roberto Diago and Iván Capote; members of the payroll of this institution that for decade
The most dissimilar spaces of the bicentenary Academy were occupied by young art / Photos courtesy of the author

San Alejandro dressed in ... BIENNIAL

The National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro of Havana, which celebrated its 201st anniversary in 2019, that school where ART grows in all its dimensions, also dressed as a Biennial in this XIII edi
Milena Montealegre McMichen

My body, my work

On the exhibition "Mi cuerpo, mi obra" by the Colombian artist Milena Montealegre McMichen.
Nicaragua Designs debuts at the 2nd Havana Biennial

Nicaragua Designs debuts at the 2nd Havana Biennial

For the first time, a representation of Nicaragua Diseña, an official platform dedicated seven years ago to the promotion of this specialty in the Central American nation, has attended the Design Bienn
Juan Mellen

Juan Mellen: "Design goes beyond aesthetics"

Among the participants in the II Biennial of Design of Havana is the Spanish communicator Juan Mellen, executive director of the Meeting of Design Companies in his country, RED, who has been granted an
Emilio Morales

Emilio Morales: Music is a state of mind

The Cuban pianist, arranger and composer, is virtuous from the instrument he chose from childhood, and with it he moves from classicism until contemporary with elegance.
Síntesis in Havana World Music 2018. Taken from the official website of the group.

A treasure that we all own

Celebrating the anniversary of a group is an everyday event, but if it is about the 40 years of Síntesis, the evocation assumes an extraordinary dimension.
Seascapes Series

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Gerhard Richter. Seascapes

Through these paintings and drawings, Richter forces the viewer to face the question of representation, merging the painted surface and the photographic record into one.
 II Biennial of Design of Havana

From this Monday, II Biennial of Design of Havana

Hours before the official opening, scheduled for today at the Chaplin Cinema, the II Havana Design Biennial began its activities at the Hispano-American Cultural Center, where the theoretical segment o