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A Watchful Eye. Kinetic art in Havana

For Matilde Perez (Chile, 1920), you get there in art only if you know how to “get” there in life. Ninety years of life and active career speak volumes of the veracity and conviction of her statement.

Antonio Martorell. I Want it All, and I Want it All the Time

Antonio Martorell is a regular Havana visitor, a city where he admits to have found new confidences and drives for his life and artistic career. Up to now, no working commitment, and no immigration reg

The Havana Biennial. 25 Years of Integration and Resistance

It’s becoming increasingly necessary to make an analysis of the research studies channeled by the Havana Biennial in an effort to move beyond the curatorial field that apparently zeroes in on the work

History and Perspective of Design in Latin America and the Caribbean. Two Visions of a Myth

Venturing into the brain-racking task of mapping out and defining the connections in the diversity of identities and cultures lodged in the Latin American and Caribbean region might seem to be a somewh

Yoan Capote. Reasons of the Senses

Will Duchamp’s lesson never end? It always sneaks in through an unexpected place –a window, for example– when nobody expects it, just another twist on that virtually endless inspiration for art over th

Editorial 2 English

We’re giving our readers the second issue of our Art by Excelencias magazine. Based on the first issue’s magnificent acclaim among artists, critics and researchers in the realm of the fine arts, the Ex

One out of Eleven

An artist’s monographic book is not always breaking news. They do abound and usually pack a few wallops… The amazingly luring volume on Hugo Consuegra’s pictorial work is indeed an act of justice for L

claudio Antonio Gomez

Claudio Antonio Gomes was born in Belo Horizontes, Brazil, in 1972 and has lived in Salvador de Bahia over the past thirteen years. With a degree in Education at the Guidnard School, he’s been an illus

A Passion for Humor

One of those indispensable books is no doubt A History of Graphic Humor in Cuba, launched in 2007 as part of the History of Graphic Humor collection directed by the General Foundation of the Alcala de

Between Us and the Interpreter: Minimal Notes on an Exhibit by Rene Francisco

It’s understood that Rene Francisco interprets in many ways, as if his doing allowed him to cover with just one stroke several meanings of such an expansive verb. On one hand, there-s no doubt that he