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Swiss art also comes to Miami
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Swiss art also comes to Miami

Miami River welcomes, during the week of art in this city, the work from dissimilar creators. Claudia Mini has traveled from Switzerland to exhibit her creations in this space.

Claudia, is it your first time here in Miami?

Yes, it is.

What other places or countries have you made expositions in?

I was born and live in Switzerland, so I normally just expose in Bern

What do you think about Art Basel, Pinta Miami and Miami River?

I liked and enjoyed the experience very much here in Miami River and I hope to be able to visit Art Basel too.

Have you been to Spain?

Yes, I have been to Barcelona and the cost line of Spain and I think is a beautiful country.

What about the exposition in Spain called ARCOmadrid?

I have seen it but only for a day so I can’t really give an opinion about it.

Do you know the Bogota’s ARTBO?

Yes, I do. I haven’t visit it but I read some interviews to artists and watched some pictures in a magazine and I liked it very much.

What are your expectations here?

The main purpose is to sell but I’m happy just to be here for the first time because I h have known about a lot of different art fairs like Art Basel.

How did you get here?

I came here thanks to Barbara, an art creator from Germany who saw my paintings online and asked me if I would like to participate in this event, so I took the chance to personally come to Miami.

Can you talk about your paintings?

Barbara selected two of my paintings for the fair. One of the paintings is called Sun salutation taking as a reference a Yoga pose and the other one is called La vie est Belle due to is a very vivid and colorful painting.

Thank you very much.