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Sponsored by the Fundación Telefónica de México, the Fracturaciones (Ruptures) exhibit by Juan Sebastian Barbera Duron will officially open on Oct. 17 at the Amador de los Rios Art Gallery in Madr

Stainless: Cuban Young Art

Way into early November, an exhibit staged by three young graduates of the San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy will remain open at the Centro Hispanoamericano de Cultura in Havana. Stainless is the ti

Joan Miro Foundation’s New Exhibition Cycle

The exhibition The End is Where We Start From, showing U.S. curator Karin Campbell’s viewpoints on Barcelona’s emerging artistic scene, was unveiled this Friday at Espai 13.  

Ignacio Iturria: RECENT WORK

Uruguayan Ignacio Iturria’s most recent production will be staged, beginning October 6, 7, in two galleries of Lima, Peru: the Luis Miró Quesada Garland (Miraflores) Exhibition Hall and the Enlace

Wenceslao Robles’ Graphic Work

An exhibit comprising eighteen etchings by Seville’s Wenceslao Robles and entitled Spaces to Be Discovered opens this Friday at the Gravura Gallery & Workshop.  

Yang Fudong in Havana

La distancia de la realidad (The Distance of Reality), an exhibit by celebrated Chinese visual artist Yang Fudong, will open on Oct. 5 at the Wifredo Lam Center for Contemporary Art in the Cuban c

UNO MÁS UNO ES DOS (One plus one is two), by Felipe Dulzaides

Last Friday was inaugurated in Havana Gallery (Havana) the exhibition Uno más uno es dos (One plus one is two), by Cuban artist Felipe Dulzaides.  

Luis Gonzalez Palma: the purpose of image

Arte x Arte gallery will count on Guatemalan artist Luis Gonzalez Palma at Duhau Park Hyatt Palace, from October 18 to November 2, and at Palais de Glace, within the framework of Buenos Aires Phot

“Horror vacui” at JM Gallery

I want this war to be more peaceful: Petit Salon Français, by Andalusian artist Jose Medina Galeote (Gerona, 1970), was inaugurated on September 17 at JM Gallery.   Galeote examines and analyzes