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Fast Food Leftovers in a Gallery

Costa Rica’s Juan Jose Alfaro is exhibiting works that feature the wrappings of hamburger and Mexican tacos in an effort to strike people’s attention on the damaging effects of the so-called junk

From Havana to Pittsburgh

Artworks of twelve contemporary Cuban artists will be brought to the American public at The Mattress Factory (Pittsburgh) from Oct. 15 to Feb. 27, 2011.  

Venezuelan Abstraction in Florida

An exhibition that scours the origins and evolution of Venezuelan abstraction will be unveiled Wednesday Oct. 13 at the The Frost Art Museum of the Florida International University.  

M + L

Thru Nov. 12, the La Acacia Gallery in Havana will be presenting an exhibition that combines proposals by two of the most outstanding figures of Cuban abstraction: Jose Maria Mijares and Lolo Soldevi

Earth, Paper or Glue

Curator Leonardo Ramirez Cartier has invited us on our Facebook page to attend the Earth, Paper or Glue exhibition by cartoonist Martin Gerardo Correa that will open on Oct. 14 at the Maria Grever

Revisiting the Mayan Culture

Since Oct. 7 through Nov. 10, Madrid will be hosting a photographic exhibit entitled Copan: Mayan Witness, organized by the Palma de Majorca-based Sophia Foundation with the collaboration of the M

Navajas: A Reflection on Violence

The main entrance to the Wilfredo Lam Contemporary Art Center of Havana is “carpeted” with blankets. This unusual reception to the viewers gives way to the Navajas (Pocketknives) exhibition by Mex

Venezuela’s Cultural Diversity in the 21st Century

An exhibition under this title was open at the Latin American Gallery of Casa de las Americas on Friday Oct. 1. The show gathers samples from the collection at the Center for Cultural Diversity in Ca

Arte por Excelencias Magazine launches new website

In order for everyone to network and exchange information about the creative processes of the visual arts in Latin America, North America and the Caribbean, Arte por Excelencias unveils a new website