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Arte por Excelencias has reached nine years of existence, now as a multicultural publication of the Americas and the Caribbean, born in the heat of the Biennial of Havana in 2009.

And we are celebrating it with many events: our magazine is once again present  at Art Basel-Miami Fair Beach, and we are VIP guests of Art Miami, almost at the same time that in Cuba the Feria Internacional de Artesanía, (FIART) (International Fair of Craftsmanship,) and the Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Festival of New Latin American Cinema) are being held, and where we will be presenting our 36th issue with our collaborators from eleven countries, and a beautiful and functional digital platform:

This year, 2017, which is coming to an end, we have been media partners in the successes of the 25th Estampa Madrid fair and the Tenth Swab Barcelona Fair. But also the Arte por Excelencias stand was very busy in Colombia for ArtBo, and in Mexico City for Zona Maco, while we also opened the exchange in Buenos Aires with Art BA, and with the Ch.Aco fair in Chile, among many other fairs and events on the continent.

We have built a fraternal and gigantic bridge for Iberia-America, also because of our continued presence in the Festival del Fuego (the Fire Fest) in Santiago de Cuba, in the new eagerness of Gibara´s International Festival of Cinema and the Festival of Iberia-American Culture, and in the coincidence of the 24th Romerías de Mayo with the International Fair of Tourism of Cuba in Holguín. Because we believe in the synergy of festivals, events and congresses with the development of tourism, we accept as an honor the deference of inviting us to Havana´s International Book Fair, to present the passion of our magazines.

And we have grown everywhere, always supporting projects that we believe indispensable, like the first edition of the Urvanity-Art Fair, in the Spanish capital, or the prizes of the JoJazz Contest in Havana. We were present everywhere: at the ICAIC Youth Show, at the "Dance in Cuba" International Meeting of Casino Academies,  and in the International Circus Festival of the Americas (CIRCUBA): our award for Havana Company has preceded the debut of its formidable show in Rome, in the big top that today stands out on Via Cristóforus Columbus with the Cuban flag.

So…absolutely, we have to celebrate with a real toast! We will all see on the Callejón de los Barberos of Old Havana, right next to the monument of a huge scissors, where you find dozens of small studios and dozens of artists. There, a bartender with a huge smile will serve you the refreshing drink with the aid of a a clean hose, a popular invention, so that the foam is less and the joy and commitment of mutual commitment is more.

And let's raise, therefore, our glass of beer for the ten years of Arte por Excelencias in the 20th anniversary of the Grupo Excelencias, and for the 500 years of Havana and Old Panama too, which we will promote in our more than thirty media entities, as we did with the half millennium of Santiago de Cuba - because these are challenges that provide an opportunity to discuss the coexistence, in Iberia-America and the Caribbean, of the force of our tradition and contemporaneity.


                 José Carlos de Santiago