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Lilli Elsner. Windbruch

Lilli Elsner. Windbruch

Lilli Elsner is young, wild and incredibly talented. The 24-year-young woman from Brandenburg has experimented with color chemistry and different image carriers since the age of twelve. At 19, she began studying at the Berlin Universität der Künste, which she broke off after five semesters due to a "lack of insight". Since then she has been stirring up the art scene.

Lilli Elsner works in mixed media on fabrics that she stretches on wooden frames. Elsner has the fabrics custom-produced serially with print motifs according to her own specifications, often with animal motifs. It is always one and the same recurrent theme per fabric - on one, there are parrots, on the other, deer for example. In front of these static elements, colored lines rage wildly together and form figurative elements.

It is the idea of an industrial-serial production that concerns Lilli Elsner, and her intention to create a kind of opposition to the prevailing general opinion. In a world full of social conventions, she dispels eternal stereotypes, such as "women are the weaker sex," or "chickens are stupid." Her statements are as complex as her style of painting.

Her art is a true statement: expressive, wild and also a bit provocative. She has no art historical models, says the artist, who was born in 1993. She prefers to answer questions about her aborted studies without saying a word, just with a mischievous smile.

Duration of the Exhibition

FEBRUARY 6 - MAY 2, 2018

Kunsthalle Dresden
Art'otel Dresden
Ostra-Allee 33
01067 Dresden