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Arte por Excelencias media partners of Swab Barcelona 2019

Arte por Excelencias media partners of Swab Barcelona 2019

The twelfth edition of Swab Barcelona arrives from September 26 to 29 and its organizers do not cease in their desire to guarantee that everything is ready for the date.

Alex Hernández’s “Seasons” in Galiano Gallery

EHavana’s Galiano Gallery is going to host on June 7 the opening of Alex Hernández’s “Seasons (Temporadas)”.

"Painting as a Language" Workshop to be Launched at CDAV in Havana

The first issue of “Painting as a Language” workshops is going to be launched on Friday at 7 p.m. at the backyard of the Visual Arts Development Center (CDAV is the Spanish acronym) in Havana. Trans

“Picnic Sessions 2014. About Silence, its Presences” in CA2M, starting on June 5

The festival, instead of being held on the terrace roof for a few hours, will be taking one of the museum’s floors throughout Saturday October 25, thus doubling the number of scheduled concerts and

Fernando Maselli’s “HIEROPHANIES”

Artist Fernando Maselli’s “Hierophanies (Hierofanías)” is going to be opened on June 5, 20:00h, at CEART (Tomás & Valiente Art Center), Fuenlabrada (Madrid), C/ Leganés, 51 (Sala C Verd

Mapfre Foundation Inaugurates Exhibition Hall in Madrid

Mapfre Foundation opened on May 28 its brand-new exhibition hall at Calle Bárbara de Braganza 13, right in front of the National Library, in Madrid.

Sancti Spíritus: a Tribute to Visual Arts in the 500th Anniversary

On June 4, such visual arts expressions as painting and photography joined the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Sancti Spíritus, the fourth Cuban village.

2014 PHotoEspaña Pays Tribute to Spanish Photography with over One Hundred Shows by 440 Artists

The 17th edition of the Festival dedicates its program to Spanish photography and proposes a tour throughout different generations and approaches from its origins to date, thus shedding light on it

2014 MULAFEST to Take IFEMA with Urban Art

It is Madrid’s Festival of Urban Trends and Culture, organized by MULA and IFEMA, and it’s scheduled to hold its third editionon June 26 - 29. An agglutinating event on urban culture, where creativi

Cidade da Cultura Announces 4th Meeting of New Artists

The Ministry of Culture, Education and University Regulation calls to the 4th Cidade da Cultura Meeting of New Artists (IV Encontro de Artistas Novos Cidade da Cultura), in which

"Open Times", Funds of Álava’s Artium Collection

Fuenlabrada’s CEART is going to house throughout May, June3 and July the exhibition "Open Times (Tiempos Abiertos)" funds of Álava’s ARTIUM collection. This show, coproduce

Sala Alcalá 31 Showcases Chema Conesa. Paper Portraits

Sala Alcalá 31 exhibits, April 29 - July 27, Chema Conesa. Paper Portraits (Chema Conesa. Retratos de papel), a retrospective by the artist that was given the 2011 Culture Award on Photogra

“Miradas” in Factoría Habana

Factoría Habana opened on May 24 the exhibition Miradas, curated by Concha Fontenla. This show tries to pay tribute to the 30th anniversary of Havana Biennale.

Mechanization: Art, Technology in Siqueiros’ Production


Mechanization. Art, Technology in Siqueiros’ Production (Mecanización. Arte y tecnología en la producción de Siqueiros), open through August 10, tries to show this double reading

Sara Ramo: “Sleeplessness, Stroke” in Abierto x Obras

Sleeplessness, Stroke (Desvelo y traza) installation, May 24 – June 22, proposes viewers to participate in an intimate sensorial experience in a public space. Sara Ramo’s work for site spec