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Excelencias Group Presents the 2019 Excelencias Cuba Awards

When art reaches excellence

Only a few hours ago, in the Sala Avellaneda of the National Theater, the Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019 ceremony was concluded, which on this occasion were nuanced by the presentation of the Havana 500 Special Award, echo of the celebrations for the half century of the Cuban capital, a party in which the Excelencias Group, chaired by José Carlos de Santiago, through its publications or using other information media, provided special coverage.


It’s becoming increasingly common to see brick-and-mortar art promotional places getting their virtual correlate on the world wide web or the Internet. There are times when the giant network helps

Editorial - 3

Art by Excelencias puts its sight on the fine arts to address, in an updated fashion, the ongoing developments and their influence in the Americas and the Caribbean, such as the Central American Isthmu

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Venturing into the brain-ra

One out of Eleven

An artist’s monographic boo

A Passion for Humor

One of those indispensable boo

Roberto Diago: The Nigro Enigma

There’s no social layer, group

Four in a Drawer

Earlier today I skimmed throug

RED. An exhibit of Cuban posters curated by designer Pepe Menendez Havana, 2009

Red is the color that correspo

Editorial 2 English

We’re giving our readers the second issue of our Art by Excelencias magazine. Based on the first issue’s magnificent acclaim among artists, critics and researchers in the realm of the fine arts, the Ex

Between Us and the Interpreter: Minimal Notes on an Exhibit by Rene Francisco

It’s understood that Rene Fran

A Watchful Eye. Kinetic art in Havana

For Matilde Perez (Chile, 1920

A Shock in the Paradise of Symbol

What does Doris Salcedo evoke when she orders to choose the floor of the Hall of Turbines with a 547-foot-long crack?

The Havana Biennial. 25 Years of Integration and Resistance

It’s becoming increasingly nec

Reeking of Anthropological Danger

Sometimes I’ve said on televis