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Arte por Excelencias lands at Art Basel Miami Beach

Arte por Excelencias lands at Art Basel Miami Beach

Once again, the magazine Arte por Excelencias participates in the International Art Basel Miami Beach Fair.
Iberostar and the 500th of Havana

Iberostar and the 500th of Havana

Four are the events that will be organized in the capital of the Greater Antilles: "500 years of style", "500 years of sport", "500 years of inspiration" and "500 years of personality".
LIBER 2019

LIBER 2019 will be held in Madrid with Sharjah as guest of honour

Organised by IFEMA and promoted by the FGEE, LIBER will be held from 9 to 11 October in Hall 7 at Feria de Madrid.
Guille Vilar inaugurates the zebra with the Cuban culture minister, Alpidio Alonso and Abel Prieto, director of the Martian Program Office

Cross the zebra with the four from Liverpool

And for that, I reiterate, you will walk by "Lennon´s zebra." The one who a musician of his professional stature deserves, who men like him, that have imagined that a better world is possible deserve a
The Shanghai International Art Fair

Exhibit at China´s largest cluster for international cultural trade

The Shanghai International Art Fair (SIAF) is now open for artists and galleries to submit held at NECC, 21-24 November 2019.
Janaina Mello Landini, interaction of the universes

ArtBo 2019: Janaina Mello Landini, interaction of the universes

A cloth magnet? It is what is thought to be in contact with the proposed Ciclotrama piece from the Zipper gallery (Brazil), in the Main hall of the ArtBo 2019 Fair.

The San Sebastian Film Festival will do a screening simultaneously in six Spanish cities

"Joker", recent winner of the Golden Lion at Venice, has been selected as the surprise film of the 67th edition
The painter Pedro Molina and his Minotaurs

Minotaurs, new Art Unity exhibition in Granada

The Art Unity gallery, in La Zubia (Granada), has opened this weekend the new artistic season with Minotaurs, a sample of sculptures and paintings by Andalusian creators Félix Martín and Pedro Molina.
Ángel Ricardo Ríos

ArtBo2019: Ángel Ricardo Ríos, in search of PAINTING ... lost

Now this postmodern painter, with a certain Renaissance air returns to ArtBo to leave men of the XXI open-mouthed with the magic of time, talent and that search for the past that is, after all, the mar
Juan Walker

ArtBo2019: Juan Walker. Landscapes of trips to ... SOUL

Juan Walker (Colombia) “sowed” in the space of the Aurora ArtBo 2019 gallery a photographic ensemble that has given much to talk about at this Fair.
Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar / Photo: HERNÁN DÍAZ

Artbo 2019. Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar: Imperatives of the artistic instinct

A name is repeated strongly in this 15th. edition of the Bogota International Art Fair, Artbo 2019: Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, whose impressive sculptural work is present in several galleries here, su
Santiago Cancino

ArtBo 2019: Santiago Cancino, a materials builder ... politicians?

In the path of ArtBo 2019 there are few opportunities to get caught in the artistic networks that tend us, at every step, the galleries with their creators. One of them, Santiago Cansino (Chile) who ex
The Whitney to Present Alan Michelson

The Whitney to Present Alan Michelson: Wolf Nation

Alan Michelson: Wolf Nation presents four works in video, sound, print, and augmented reality that invoke place from an Indigenous perspective
María Paz Gaviria, ARTBO director, opens the 2019 edition. 

ArtBo, fertile seed that sprouted in ... ART

María Paz Gaviria added the importance of creative work and the emergence of this ArtBo initiative that has boosted Colombian talent at high levels with its various projects, and that has given everyon
Zeroville, the film directed James Franco

The film "Zeroville" will screen in the Official Selection out of competition

The latest work from James Franco cannot compete for the Golden Shell due to having been released in commercial cinemas in Russia only a few days prior to its participation in the Festival.