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Filming with Art: The "Art Car Collection" of BMW

Filming with Art: The "Art Car Collection" of BMW

The German brand BMW is dedicated to manufacturing cars and motorcycles, and is also the owner of the brands of British origin: Rolls-Royce and Mini. In June 1975, on the starting grid of the 24 Hours

"Habaneros" by Julien Temple at Buenos Aires Bafici

What does it mean to “tell” Cuba? The foreigner perspective about such a particular reality necessarily imply a certain vision, but at the same time it can mean to have a different approach. And which
Hotel Habana Show

Hotel Habana Show: traveling to Cuba without a passport

Oh, Cuba, how much joy and sensuality overflows your culture, your people! Maybe that's why, when one leaves the show Hotel Habana -which this week had its world premiere in Malaga-, the desire to buy

Filming with Art: will return

Thirty-five years after the premiere of Ghostbusters, they announce that they will return. Entertainment Weekly gave the news and said the director will be Jason Reitman, the son of the original direct
Milena Montealegre McMichen

My body, my work

Is there something more perfect and inspiring in art than the body itself? A voluptuous bust is more than a part of the female figure, it is a symbol of fertility, of femininity, and this is what Milen
Emilio Morales

Emilio Morales: Music is a state of mind

He cannot go to sleep without "having passed his hand to the piano" at some point, and he does not conceive of making music without being covered by it "in the refrain, in the syncopation, in the tumba
Síntesis in Havana World Music 2018. Taken from the official website of the group.

A treasure that we all own

Celebrating the anniversary of a group is an everyday event, but if it is about the 40 years of Síntesis, the evocation assumes an extraordinary dimension. So much so that it goes beyond the strictly m
Janio Abreu

Janio Abreu: I need music to breathe

Charisma, honesty and strength. This is the perfect combination, seasoned with good energies and the special gift of communication, which make the musical work of Janio Abreu Morcate an obligatory refe

Turarte, the art of show business at FitCuba 2019

FitCuba 2019 will have Spain as the guest country and Turarte will treat it with relevant deference by presenting a scene that highlights the Spanish spirit with grace, passion in dance and a dream war
exhibition Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero. From the mandolin to the "boterismo"

                "Art has no power to move anything. Art has power over time, of remembrance and testimony. "                                              "The pleasure of painting is pleasure for itse