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Filming with Art:  will return

Filming with Art: will return

Thirty-five years after the premiere of Ghostbusters, they announce that they will return. Entertainment Weekly gave the news and said the director will be Jason Reitman, the son of the original director of The Ghostbusters of 1984, who said he was the number one fan of the film and recalled his visits to the set with his father during filming.

The Ghostbusters is a film from the USA released in 1984. Comedy with science fiction directed by Ivan Reitman. The movie was a blockbuster and was recorded as the highest-grossing comedy of that decade. His soundtrack was composed by Elmer Bernstein and the song Ghostbusters, by Ray Parker Jr., won the BAFTA award for the best original song, in 1985.




All this gave rise to that, in 1989, the Ghostbusters returned to the cinema with Ghostbusters II, although as it happens "never second parties are good", and this did not achieve the box office success of the first. To complete, a 'reboot' was made (with the Cadillac 59, the artifacts, the logo and the green ghost), in 2012, starring women.


Ghostbusters II


Now Ghostbusters will return in the summer of 2020. Jason Reitman has said that it is not a 'reboot', but a new chapter in which Ghostbusters will return. He added that there are wonderful surprises and new characters.


Ghostbusters logo


Ghostbusters remained key elements, such as the logo and especially the car, an old 1959 Cadillac, whose model (seen in the movies) is used as an ambulance and hearse. This car became iconic in the cinema and has accompanied 'all' Ghostbusters, both men and women.




In 1959, the luxury car brand Cadillac, part of General Motors Company, used its 'long' platforms for the famous Eldorado sports model and shared them with the funeral and ambulance types. It is said that the first Cadillac 59 purchased for the film was black, but Steven Dane explained that since the film would be made at night, it had to be painted white. And producer Joe Medjuck added the logo and the red lines.




The engine of this Cadillac 59 developed 345 HP and brought three carburetors. The official price was 7 401 dollars, something high for the time. What yes nobody imagined that later, after Rolling with Art in several films, it would become famous hunting ghosts.