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A treasure that we all own

A treasure that we all own

Celebrating the anniversary of a group is an everyday event, but if it is about the 40 years of Síntesis, the evocation assumes an extraordinary dimension. So much so that it goes beyond the strictly musical limits, to become a celebration of the national culture in which all Cubans are involved.

It is the real perception of a dreamed desire where the timbres of rock could germinate next to the lyricism of a poetic trovada. At the same time, like the other side of the same coin, in Síntesis, the rugged challenge of keyboards and electric guitars find their protection in the unprecedented overlap with the complaints of the batá drums and the lament of singing in languages ​​of African origin preserved in the memory of our ancestors.

In addition, it is worth noting that in these times, where the economic power of the market pretends like never before, to curtail the sovereign decision of those who bet in favor of the greatest artistic performance, Síntesis has put into practice as an act of faith, its attachment to the loyalty of rigorous aesthetic principles with which they started a prestigious career of more than four decades.

However, the truly exceptional is the way in which we have accepted the sonority of the liked group during all this time. We surrender to their ability to access a kind of encrypted code of our identity so that no person born on this Caribbean island, can remain indifferent. It is something that we cannot avoid. If we do not move with the whole body, surely it is because we mark the rhythm of the music with the beats of a heart proud to have the work of Síntesis among the patrimonial treasures of the Cuban nation.


On the cover: Síntesis in Havana World Music 2018. Taken from the official website of the group.