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Reynold Kerr (on the left) and José Carlos de Santiago, President of the Excelencias Group (on the right)

Africa and its art in Miami: Reynold Kerr Collection

We already knew about his presence at Art Week in Miami, thanks to a mutual friend, Geo Ripley, another fervent worshiper of African cultures and roots that unite us. For this reason, in our tour of th
Jorge Perugorría, Marta Nin and Jorge Benvenuto

FICGibara: We want it to remain an exceptional experience

A new edition of the Gibara International Film Festival arrives in Barcelona and Arte por Excelencias approaches the architects of this multicultural party. Jorge Perugorría, Jorge Benvenuto and Marta
frames of the film Dos Fridas

Frida in Helsinki

As part of the Official Selection of the New Cinema International Festival, New Talents, held in Helsinki, Finland, Dos Fridas was presented, a film by the Costa Rican Ishtar Yasin that recreates part
A self-portrait that shakes

A self-portrait that shakes

Exclusive statements by Jorge Fernández, Director of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba (MNBA) to Arte por Excelencias.
Javier Muñiz Briongos

Short films provide a window to the world

The City of Soria International Short Film Festival is held every year by the end of November since 1998. The XXI edition will take place from November 17 to December 1, 2019 with Cuba as the guest of
Peter Hubler

Peter Hubler: "I feel very proud to exhibit in Havana"

“I feel very proud to exhibit in Havana,” he told Arte por Excelencias the Swiss photographer Peter Hubler, after the opening of the temporary exhibition "Reparación de Locomotoras en la Parcela Partag
 Anabel Serrallonga Hidalgo

Portugal and Cuba: more than 100 years of respect, friendship, and joy

The Embassy of Cuba in Portugal, during this year, has carried out a series of joint activities with Portuguese institutions and the Cuban cultural association, constituted by Cubans residing in Portug
On the left: Miranda Álvarez, correspondent for Arte por Excelencias UK, participating in the collective performance  consciousness.

Oscar Murillo "We should recognise that we ought to have a system of reconciliation and solidarity to heal as a society"

The Colombian-born interdisciplinary artist, Oscar Murillo, has been nominated for the 2019 Turner Prize. The British prize, one of the most established within contemporary art, this year will be dispu
Artistic Humidors Store Opened at Hotel Habana Libre

Artistic Humidors Store Opened at Hotel Habana Libre

During the Asia-Havana-Habanos event, the DECUBA Store has just opened at the Habana Libre Hotel. It shows the humidors and other works of the Arte en Maderas project in Pinar del Río, which ponders th
Carlos del Puerto

Carlos del Puerto: «The Cuban guitar school has always been at a very high level worldwide»

On August 1 and 2, the bassist of the famous group Irakere, Carlos del Puerto, will perform in Havana, after several years of absence, along with the Norwegian pianist, director and arranger Sverre Ind