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The word «discovering»

The word «discovering»

The word «discovering», derived from the Latin discooperire, has two basic meanings: «To express, make clear» and «Finding what was ignored or hidden». I find it appropriate that readers take their attention from one to another, so they catch up with the idea that has held for twenty years the Ibero-American Culture Festival. This festival is a window to the world from Holguin, a window made of history and culture that each of our peoples brings to this other encounter.

To support an event of this kind is only possible if those invited are interested in thinking of the discovery and multiplying it. There is no other way. And there is no doubt that the interest is growing, as inhabitants of remote cities participate in the event, incredibly fascinated by what Columbus found in 1492 when he stepped on Bariay’s sands and commented on the beauty of our land.

A bridge we build to rediscover what we are made of, what moves us, which sound, image, movement or reflection makes us think of the human kind and in the humanity as a whole.

The Ibero-American Culture Festival is the right scenario to discuss or agree on the most urgent issues of our days, and it includes several places to know about the different expressions of the art in our geographic area. 

For culture, “to know” and “to recognize” are both essential. I remember the words of Jose Marti: «Interrupted by the conquest the natural and majestic work of American civilization, it was created with the advent of Europeans a strange people, not Spanish, because the new sap rejects the old body; not indigenous, because they have suffered the interference of a devastating civilization, two words that, being an antagonism, stand as a process».

Holguin, a place of the universe located in the northeastern part of Cuba, proposes a meeting in which the most diverse cultural components take form to transcend on the vital experience of recognition.