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Luis Ramirez: Another man of principles

Luis Ramirez: Another man of principles

I consider myself almost a founder. I was very young when I started at Caguayo Foundation fifteen or sixteen years ago. I was at home in Santiago and I had recently arrived from Isla de la Juventud. Alexis Fajardo contacted me. I did not know Lescay and what impacted me the most when I met him was his simplicity and human values.

We became very close. Lescay always told me everything about the Foundation and the S.A. We talked about everything and became friends. I decided to leave the company where we had developed  plans and strategies to become an independent  artist. I rented a small apartment close to Colon Cemetery, and created a group of five designers and architects. We worked in the apartment for several months, without computers, delivering the final products made by hand. And we won the first contract and following this others came.

One day, when we had the stability we all needed, Lescay just told me he had a proposal; he wanted me to be Vice-president. It was a big deal. He had already discussed it with his team in Santiago, where I had been just an adviser. He simply wanted me to have a voice in an institution we had created and that deserved respect due to its serious work in the country. I am very proud today.

I do not exactly know how many years I have been the adviser or the vice-president. I know it has been for a long time. I have not stopped doing my work, the institution has supported me and I have been able to create art and Cuban design not only as a designer. It has been a perfect marriage: a cultural enterprise that creates big projects. For me, Caguayo is part of my body, a life philosophy.

I trusted the word of Lescay since that moment we were together. He is like others who dream and create; he is not like the ones who talk for no reason. Lescay is a man of principles.