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Haydée Milanés says goodbye to 2017 with music and love.

Haydée Milanés says goodbye to 2017 with music and love.

Haydée Milanés will present in Cuba songs from the album Amor Deluxe on December 20, at the Teatro Mella, in Havana. During the concert titled "La Música," the renowned singer, also a composer and music producer, will be accompanied by prominent artists such as Mexican singer-songwriter Rosalía León and Cuban musicians Carlos Varela, Ernán López-Nussa and Cucurucho Valdés.

On this "night of the song", Haydée Milanés will also celebrate her 15 years as a soloist, in which she has excelled as one of the most valuable and authentic exponents of the Cuban song. Among her recent achievements is the very positive reception of the album Amor, Haydée Milanés a dúo con Pablo Milanés (ée-milanés-a-dúo-con-pablo- Milanese / id1198354647) by the audience and specialized critics internationally.


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Currently, the singer prepares the album Amor Deluxe, which includes versions of standards composed by Pablo Milanés, recorded by Haydée as a duet with Julieta Venegas, Rosalía León, Omara Portuondo, Lila Downs, Carlos Varela, Fito Páez and other important artists. The singles of this album premiered online throughout 2017 are: “Si ella me faltara alguna vez” ( -julieta-venegas / 1259552874? i = 1259552877), "Yolanda" (  and “La vida no vale nada” ( .

* Tickets will be on sale at the Mella Theater box office starting Thursday, December 14!