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Caro/Jeunet. An Exhibition by Jean-Pierre Jeunet et Marc Caro

Caro/Jeunet. An Exhibition by Jean-Pierre Jeunet et Marc Caro

La Halle Saint Pierre welcomes Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro for their first exhibition in France ; an invitation that came as an obvious choice between the two filmmakers and an institution unique in its kind. In this exhibition, the art of cinema (extracts from films, objects, costumes and other documents) will converse with Marc Caro's paintings and drawings, and a selection of outsider art made or collected by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
After all, Montmartre is inseparable from Amelie Poulain’s romantic wanderings, and the bio-mechanical creature Alien was designed by H.R. Giger, to whom the Halle devoted a retrospective in 2005. Not to mention the Halle Saint Pierre’s emblematic artists that Jeunet has discovered here: the Electromecano-maniac Gilbert Peyre and his fairground aesthetics, Ronan-Jim Sevellec and his miniature curiosities of faded elegance, or even Jéphan de Villiers and his tiny, imaginary people, nostalgic of lost civilizations.
The two directors’ works, and the treasured objects from their films, form a single world, opening up new paths to the imaginary. In this dreamlike and fantastical world, where the limits of the impossible are continually rejected, childish imaginings sit side-by-side with black tales, the absurd, and a comical, poetic realism.