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Conversations with Curator Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro on the 33rd Bienal's first concepts are available on YouTube

33ª Bienal de São Paulo: Hotsite, playlists and videos

33bienal hotsite 33rd Bienal's official hotsite is online! The platform features participating artists' profiles, projects, agenda, galleries and many contents following the exhibition until December.
1st ACTUAL Congress

CULTOURFAIR announces the 1st ACTUAL Congress

CULTOURFAIR - Global Heritage and Cultural Travel Market, announces the 1st ACTUAL Congress ( Agrupación para la Cultura y el Turismo de América Latina) in the frame of the 22nd edition of MITM America
Festival of the Ibero- American Culture? photo Heidy Calderón

Official announcement XXIV Festival of the Ibero- American Culture

The Ibero-American House and the Provincial Directorate of Culture in Holguín, Cuba, SUMMON specialists, intellectuals, artists and other persons interested in cultural tourism, residing in Cuba and ov
Amaury Pérez

Love for Havana

Eusebio has been the Leal (loyal) friend since the uncertain days, and our city, which this year celebrates its first 500 years, is the only certainty we share. We both prefer doubts as we realized, si

Swab Performance 2018

Swab Barcelona presents the fourth edition of the Swab Performance program, organized in collaboration with the  Diputació de Barcelona's Visual Arts Program. An expert committee formed by Alexandra La
Beirut Design

Beirut Design Fairlaunches its second edition

Beirut Design Fair announced in a press conference the holding of its second edition at the Seaside Arena (formerly BIEL) during September 20-23, 2018.A VIP opening ceremony is set for September 19th.
Art Marbella

The artist's voice in Art Marbella 2018

Mecenas 2.0 Cultural Management in collaboration with Art Marbella launched the first transmedia experience at an international art fair. Technology at the service of art to enrich the exhibition of w

Visit "50 POP ICONS"exhibition by Art Wanson Group

Art Marbella is pleased to invite you to the “50 Pop Icons” exhibition. A ride through Pop Art’s history with 50 artworks of screen printing and lithographs of 16 international artists including Lichte
Art Marbella

Art Marbella ART MARBELLA presents seven special projects in its fourth edition

Coming from Madrid, 28 0 14 Espacio de Arte exhibits works by Anuca Aísa and Paz Juristo together with photographs by María Carrión. Both photographic projects share an intimate and mystic vision but d
Gallery Weekend CDMX

Gallery Weekend CDMX

The weekend of September 20 to 23, the gallerists of the country come together in their interest to reinforce the gallery as a space for the sale of art, exhibition and socialization. This 6th edition