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Liuba María Hevia receives Excelencias Cuba Award

The location could not be better: The National Hotel of Cuba. Until yesterday, Mr. José Carlos de Santiago, president of the Excelencias Group, arrived to put the Excelencias Cuba 2019 Award, which the artist deserved, into the hands of the singer and songwriter Liuba María Hevia.

Arte por Excelencias in Bayamo soil

The magazine Arte por Excelencias number 49 was presented at noon on Wednesday February 19 at the Ventana Sur Cultural Center, in the presence of writers, cultural promoters and artists of the capital of the Cuban nationality.

A night to celebrate excellence

The 2019 Excelencias Cuba Awards gala was a waste of talent on stage.

When art reaches excellence

Only a few hours ago, in the Sala Avellaneda of the National Theater, the Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019 ceremony was concluded, which on this occasion were nuanced by the presentation of the Havana 500 Special Award, echo of the celebrations for the half century of the Cuban capital, a party in which the Excelencias Group, chaired by José Carlos de Santiago, through its publications or using other information media, provided special coverage.

Arte por Excelencias between books and booksellers

The number 49 of the magazine Arte por Excelencias was presented at the stand of serial publications of the Morro-Cabaña complex as part of the 29th Havana International Book Fair, which this year pays tribute to Ana Cairo Ballester and Eugenio Hernández Espinosa, in addition of having Vietnam as a guest country.

Reach the fifty

We already think of the magazine Arte por Excelencias number 50. And we do it in the hands of our friends and collaborators, protagonists of this effort in another century in which the gazettes and printed magazines disappear as if they were the last dinosaurs.

Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019: culture as a flag

The delivery of the Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019 is news, again. The focus is now on the list of nominees, including performers, artistic groups, dancers, critics, cultural centers ... all with intense work in favor of Cuban culture; always defending its value.

Art and the polysemy of the artistic work

The multicultural magazine of Latin America and the Caribbean, Arte por Excelencias, circulates its 49th edition corresponding to the first two months of 2020.

A magazine to deliver to friends

In cinematographic terms, the presentation of the number 48 of the magazine Arte por Excelencias in the Sancti Spíritus hall of the National Hotel as part of the collateral activities of the 41st edition of the New Latin American Film Festival became a kind of audiovisual: audio because several of the guests, visuality for the multiple look to Latin American and world art offers this magazine that just turned ten years old and belongs to the Excelencias Group, chaired by José Carlos de Santiago.

Arte por Excelencias at FIART 2019

As part of the activities carried out throughout the year by the publishing group of Arte por Excelencias on its tenth anniversary, and also as usual during the International Craft Fair, the 48th edition of the multicultural publication of Latin America and the Caribbean.