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Art and the polysemy of the artistic work

The multicultural magazine of Latin America and the Caribbean, Arte por Excelencias, circulates its 49th edition corresponding to the first two months of 2020.

A magazine to deliver to friends

In cinematographic terms, the presentation of the number 48 of the magazine Arte por Excelencias in the Sancti Spíritus hall of the National Hotel as part of the collateral activities of the 41st edition of the New Latin American Film Festival became a kind of audiovisual: audio because several of the guests, visuality for the multiple look to Latin American and world art offers this magazine that just turned ten years old and belongs to the Excelencias Group, chaired by José Carlos de Santiago.

Arte por Excelencias at FIART 2019

As part of the activities carried out throughout the year by the publishing group of Arte por Excelencias on its tenth anniversary, and also as usual during the International Craft Fair, the 48th edition of the multicultural publication of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Miami dresses up of… ART

In these days of the beginning of the twelfth month, visual art lovers would like to find the gift of ubiquity to be able to catch the unreachable Art Week of this southern city in the United States in a fist.

Art at the gates of Wonder City

The multicultural magazine of Latin America and the Caribbean, Arte por Excellencias, puts into circulation its 48th edition in recent months of the year. Enjoy it!

Arte por Excelencias at the Ibero-American Congress of Thought

The magazine Arte por Excelencias 47 was presented at the closing ceremony of the 14th Ibero-American Congress of Thought, which happens during the 25th Ibero-American Culture Festival in Holguín.

Arte por Excelencias in Montevideo

The presentation of the magazine Arte por Excelencias at the 42nd International Book Fair of Montevideo, which took place between September 30 and October 13, was received in the Uruguayan intellectual media as a sample of what a publication can contribute to understanding of culture as a platform for the recognition of identities shared by the peoples of the region.

Arte por Excelencias at the Montevideo International Book Fair

As part of the intense and attractive program of activities is the presentation of the magazine Arte por Excelencias by the outstanding writer, essayist, cultural promoter, curator and critic of art Virginia Alberdi, on Wednesday, October 9 at 5 p.m. in the space The Author and his Work.

Villa Manuela and Excelencias: two ingredients and a good gourmet

The Villa Manuela Gallery, of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (Uneac) hosted a special presentation of issues 46 and 47 of the magazine Arte por Excelencias attended by the participants in the IX International Gastronomic Seminar Excelencias Gourmet, and where the Photo Contest "The round trip kitchen" was also awarded, convened with the aim of "promoting creativity in the images of the gastronomic and cultural world".

Arte por Excelencias in its 47th edition is already circulating

The 47th edition of this magazine belonging to the Spanish publishing group Excelencias already circulates among its Latin American readers.