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Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019: culture as a flag

Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019: culture as a flag

The delivery of the Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019 is news, again. The focus is now on the list of nominees, including performers, artistic groups, dancers, critics, cultural centers ... all with intense work in favor of Cuban culture; always defending its value.

Those who aspire to the Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019 in the Arte por Excelencias section, have an admirable trajectory. Among them, the guitarist, performer and composer Liuba María Hevia, a woman of great sensitivity with more than thirty years of career; dear Juan Padrón, National Film Award (2008), director of the famous film "Vampires in Havana" and creator of the cartoon Elpidio Valdés. The singer-songwriter, poet and television conductor, Amaury Pérez Vidal is another of the artists that can be voted on in this edition of the Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019, and the list includes researchers such as Luciano Castillo, the group Buena Fe and the Gibara International Film Festival …

Is also nominated from the album "With all due respect Haila sings to Armando Manzanero", the last production that the Cuban made with the distinguished author of " Somos novios " to the National Folk Ensemble of Cuba.

The Excelencias Cuba 2019 Awards will be delivered on February 12 in the Cuban capital, at 8:30 pm at the Avellaneda Hall of the National Theater. It will be, as usual, another luxury gala with a representation of our best artists.

Voting is open until February 9 and to participate in them you can do so from here.

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