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In 2018 Lorca more alive than ever

In 2018 Lorca more alive than ever

2018 will be remembered in Granada as the "Lorca Year", the year in which the poet's legacy returned to his homeland, the year in which the Bernarda Alba museum house was opened, in the year that Migue
Roll with Art. Rapper FLO RIDA and his Bugatti Veyron

Roll with Art. Rapper FLO RIDA and his Bugatti Veyron

I learned about Flo Rida (Tramar Dillard) when I first saw him in that video of Jennifer López´s concert (Miami, 2012) with Enrique Iglesias.Then I met his preference for the Bugatti Veyron, which has
Eternally Alicia

Eternally Alicia

The exhibition Divas by the artist José Miguel Pérez was inaugurated in the Zoom Monographic room of the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso.
Alberto Lescay. Foto: Habana Radio

Lescay paints his grandfather

In the exhibition Viaje perpetuo curated by Alejandro Lescay, singular evocations of José Martí, Mariana Grajales, Antonio Maceo, the mambí grandfather and love in the wilds emerge: Fidel facing the ab
Clint Eastwood

Rolling with Art. El Cadillac Rosa

In a filmic salad made by Buddy Van Horn with the recipe of John Eskow, Clint Eastwood and Bernadette Peters try to dress it up with the scenes of comedy, thrillers and drops of social drama. Filmed in
Pedro de Oraá

Pedro de Oraá: imbued with future

Pedro de Oraá is not only National Prize of Plastic Arts 2015, maximum recognition that is granted in Cuba to an artist of the patio, but also it is a man of the culture that has penetrated successfull
Feria Internacional del Libro y la Lectura de Quito en su edición pasada. Credito

The Ecuador of poetry

When we talk about Ecuador I inevitably go back to that naive and curious girl I was and to the teachings of my unforgettable primary teachers. Those years left me committed to a personal geography, ma